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  1. cbmagician

    Taom 2012

    Anybody going to TAOM 2012? Just saw the lineup....INCREDIBLE. Mike Weber, Chad Long, Mark Mason, Dani DaOrtiz, Eric Mead, Asi Wind, Chris Kenner, BJ Bueno, Danny Cole, Josh Jay, Eric Jones, R Paul Wilson, Jason England, Aldo Colombini, Chris Korn, Christian Engblom....Cannot wait for this.
  2. cbmagician

    Burning your mouth during 'Lit'?

    It can burn your mouth but it doesn't hurt. I performed this about 10 times one night and the next day I had multiple blisters in my mouth. They went away within a couple days but I use an alternative method to vanish the match now.
  3. cbmagician

    Sleeping Issues

    cannabis. lots of it.
  4. cbmagician

    Famous Magicians On Twitter?

    Well then you don't have to follow her then! Haha
  5. cbmagician

    Saturday Night Contest - Do As I'm Doing

    2 of diamonds, 8 of diamonds, and 2 of clubs
  6. cbmagician

    Monarchs :: Review

    excellent review!! i cannot stop staring at that box haha
  7. cbmagician

    College Application

    A few of my college application essays related to magic because I had some serious downfalls in my life and magic helped me get back on track. College admissions officers find topics like this very interesting because its not like every other essay they read about, which are almost always about...
  8. cbmagician

    Where do you get your inspiration from?

    One of my best ways to motivate and inspire myself is to watch and read from different creative performers. Every now and then on the internet we always come across amazing performers. I always enjoy watching footage of Alan Ackerman, John Bannon, John Carney, Dani DaOrtiz, etc. The list goes on...
  9. cbmagician

    Fool Us

    So recently I've heard a lot about Penn and Teller's new show called Fool Us, with the some excellent magicians out there. I've looked into watching episodes, but they're only available to broadcast in the UK. Does anybody have any clips of the show they'd mine sharing for the people in the states?
  10. cbmagician

    barbra halfs

    If you mean Barber halves, I believe they are excellent coins. They are very soft and almost make no noise rubbed or handled together. The edges are very smooth, almost no grip to them but that doenst bother much. I got mine from schoolcraft a couple years ago and they are just as good as gold...
  11. cbmagician

    Any possible way of buying this?

    Or you could check out French Connexion with James Chadier. There are multiple matrixes (matrices?) with either 5 or 4 coins. They are top notch routines and the DVD has about 15 other gems as well!
  12. cbmagician

    Taom 2011

    Sweet! This year was by far one of my favorite conventions ever.
  13. cbmagician

    Interests That Coincide With Magic

    I've been playing percussion for about 7 years now. If anybody else plays, they know that mallet and stick control adds a lot of strength to your hands and forearms as well as motor skills. If I can play a piece without looking at the keys, I can certainly perform magic without looking at my hands.
  14. cbmagician

    Favorite Memorized Deck Effect?

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. Looking through my books I also happened to find the Nikota Card system. It seems to be really old but I can't find any background creator info on it. It does however explain a multitude of ideas. Now is the Joyal stack based on a calculation stack or a mental...
  15. cbmagician

    Favorite Memorized Deck Effect?

    I really like Dave Forrest's Pseudo Memory routine in which you 'pretend' to memorize an entire deck. Its a great trick with some memory involved but you really can convince to the spectators that you have excellent memory. There is a color memorization stack I use developed by Lewis Jones...
  16. cbmagician

    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 : the movie

    An elite team of 11 individuals including about 20 other people is given the job of protecting one of its most powerful secrets. A new deck as been designed, one to rule the entire magic community. Its design is flawless; the metallic ink will blind a layman within seconds, the stock will...
  17. cbmagician

    Magic with One Hand?

    Shoot Ogawa has an awesome matrix he does with hand.
  18. cbmagician

    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    1) What did you feel was the biggest challenge in revamping the site and releasing a new set of products? 2) I like how the new features and products were released at the same time. Any more "bundles" like this to come in the future? 3) What is one characteristic that you would say all of the...
  19. cbmagician

    Bicycle 809 Mandolin?

    Have they started creating gaffs for mandolins yet? If not, does anyone know an approx time?
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