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  1. hector_cervantes

    Secret in The Insider

    I bet every one saw it... just that we are all so lazy to go on this frenzy... just wait for the release and thats it..
  2. hector_cervantes

    New TnR?

    aaaaaarrgg what a jerk ....
  3. hector_cervantes

    Visual Card Through Window

    that response was so good LOL!!!!
  4. hector_cervantes

    Derren Brown - Enigma

    if a tear did not come to your eye on this trick ... you are just not human... this is a great show, not the ending I was expecting with everyone keeping it secret, I was kind of expecting more of the finally but the show itself was very well structured
  5. hector_cervantes

    Ultragaff vs gaff?

    I am a gaff expert ... look the ultragaff already has the routines build for you , theres 3 dvds with houchin and garcia showing you the routines... on the other hand you have the gaff deck, it gives you the cards but you have to create the routine, they push you to be creative.. I personally...
  6. hector_cervantes

    R Paul Wilson Talks BBC's Magicians

    I got bored... theres like 20 mins of pure advertising before the interview just couldn't bare it.
  7. hector_cervantes

    DRESSCODE by Calen Morelli REVIEW

    its a review of dress code in french LOL.
  8. hector_cervantes

    An essay on the Classic Pass

    what? the pass is probably one of the greatest utility moves you can have in your arsenal... there are so many things you can do controlling a card to the top, without the layman noticing it... so many things. great investment of time.
  9. hector_cervantes

    What do you think is the most hard hitting effect?

    french KISS is definitely the hardest hitting card trick I got... its my opener it sets the bar... high enough so they are glued to my performance ... I believe performance a tricks go hand in hand ... good performer + good tricks = magic
  10. hector_cervantes

    Brian Tudor. Ugh.

    please please please do not say tudor is untalented.... just stop man re-evaluate what you just wrote... tudor has mad chops
  11. hector_cervantes

    Gaffed Cards

    I am a gaff worker, I use them constantly I can give you two tips, that I found work very well, I have to decks on me , for example one in which I do various tricks, then I move into a lets say a coin trick or aa close up trick, what I do I do pixel to end of the first box routine, then I do...
  12. hector_cervantes

    1-on-1 with or without gimmick

    I am totally for the mystery part but give us a heads up ... when the trick is gimmick.
  13. hector_cervantes

    TRANSIT by Calen Morelli

    Damn Calen is LEGIT ... saw the 365 days of magic blog every trick he does could be a 1 on 1 blockbuster... theory get your hands on this boy and dont let him go...
  14. hector_cervantes

    How REAL Magicians Practice Sleight of Hand...

    what? I think he is just... practicing palms
  15. hector_cervantes

    Worlds Best Magician

    lol...this is not gonna get alot of support from people here saying things like "how can you measure this blah blah blah" or "theres no way to know they are all good in their own blah blah blah" but I for one will play along... I would say Derren Brown just because of the amount of twist he...
  16. hector_cervantes

    Rise and Shine - Dan Hauss

    does this effect rip or mess up you shirts?
  17. hector_cervantes

    Some questions about the Invisible deck ...

    ok it varies on the presentation... you can be dealing with the classic presentation of think of a card and imagine it turning over where it should last you aloooooooongggg time. if you are not shuffling the cards it should last a good amount
  18. hector_cervantes

    Closeup Closer

    he is not in a gig.... he is in a contest... I believe this trick can be pulled of but just a tip, use the mutilated deck trick at the end.
  19. hector_cervantes

    Best tricks that need duplicate cards

    I feel some exposure here...
  20. hector_cervantes

    Beginner DVD

    NOPE foundation is not a good starting point... if you into card magic check out born to perform, if your into cardistry get GENESIS, other request for learning card magic card collages, royal road. coin magic jay noblezadas in the beggining there were coins, bobo's (book) and for out of the...
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