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  1. Mikeoo92

    Hypnosis and Dollywood

    Well I just got back from dolly wood, and long long story short, I was doing ZAP (I did it to like 30 people in 3 hours lol) And well some security guard went and taddled on me, and I got in trouble etc. (My mom was deafening me even though she wasnt there) And I did the hypnotic stare in the...
  2. Mikeoo92

    Thought I got one of the phones...

    Well, when pressure came out, I got the download, and teh DVD. The bext day, I ordered -Split spades -Centurions -Propaganda And today I went to check the mail, and I seen the envelope (That I knew had pressure in it) But I forgot about I ordered some cards, and I seen a box, I screamed...
  3. Mikeoo92

    PK Sounds

    Does anyone have this? If so can you direct me to a review, or answer these questions. -Whats the longest this routine can last? -Can you incorporate it easily with other mentalism effects, such as hypnosis patter? -Is it worth it? -Just your opinions, thanks all -Michael
  4. Mikeoo92


    Well, I did autograph by Justin Miller, to a guy, and a week later he wants me to perform a kid show aout 30 minutes for his sons birthday party. (I am fine with this, I have had a kid show for a long time ect..) I dont have to much experience when it comes to kid shows, but I have done them...
  5. Mikeoo92

    Where can I learn a spread?

    I see everyone doing these awesome looking spreads with cards, were the cards flow from your right hand into the left, letting the spectators pick a card. I seen dan and dave do it. Its also in this video I really like it, and I cant figure it out. Were could I learn...
  6. Mikeoo92


    Dose anyone here use/have Kaos. Its my favorite effect by Danny G. It was one of my first effects I bought. i love it so much! Its one of things things, most people in my community, only get to hear about. but rarely anyone will see. Please share any experience, tips, ideas on the trick...
  7. Mikeoo92

    Guardian Cards

    I was at Books-A-Million, and I seen they had guardian cards, I bought them. But theres Spanish underneath all English words. Why is this? I know there translations, and I hope I am not being picky, but I dint know theory11 put translation on cards, I dint see them in the pictures online...
  8. Mikeoo92

    Private forums for tricks...

    I read some wear about a private forum. But is there suppose to be a private forum on theory11 for the DVDs you can buy? If not, I think there should be, especially for Pressure, because theres so many ideas floating around, I am sure a few people guessed the method already.
  9. Mikeoo92

    Photo Shoot

    I found a business card were I live, of a profesional photographer, I was talking to her, and I told her what I do, and she wants me to do a show or an escape for her easter egg hunt she is hosting, in return profesional photo shoot! I showed her some Chris Brown's photography, and some of Dan...
  10. Mikeoo92

    Logo Idea

    Here is a draft logo design I did. Thank you Slash 112 for the text Idea! Originally it was put into a coin, but I thought about it, and tried it on a spade, and I thought it looked awesome! What do you think? Ideas? obviously, it would be netter. and not on that spade. (That is a...
  11. Mikeoo92

    Straight jackect escape at winter jam!

    Hey guys!!! Firstly, did anyone go to winter jam or Acquire the fire? If so, I was there, and I did magic at both, I threw out and signed alot of cards at acquire the fire. But here is my story I want to share with you all. I show magic all the time, but this was my biggest crowd on the...
  12. Mikeoo92

    Chavez Studio of Magic

    If anyone is looking for a career in magic I Highly recommend this Just send a Self-addressed-stamped-envelope lol to this address Chavez Studio of Magic PO box 8054 La Verne, CA 91750 Or call this guy Dale Salwak at (909) 593-5374. asking for information about the collage...
  13. Mikeoo92

    Going performing!

    I go out performing a lot.. Or was all my friends call it; And probably others "Sessions" anyways I am going to dolly wood to perform. Wish my luck guys, I ll tell you how it goes here.. I dont really like performing there alot, because they always say "wow you been to that magic shop :D"...
  14. Mikeoo92

    Coin Matrix Reminted

    Ok so I added a little trick I seen dany do not sure if its how its done but it still looks cool tell me what you think ;D any advice would be much appreciated..
  15. Mikeoo92

    Ugh Heckled...

    ok last night I went performing at a game! I made alot of new friends! And I am even going horse back riding with 3 girls I meet yesterday :D so yeah for the most part it went ok.. Some things I need to work on I found out tonight - Slightly krowd control (LOL I have that book..) anyways I...
  16. Mikeoo92

    Logo Ideas?

    I am working in photoshop to try and come up with a good logo... I cant think of anything. I have my name its Magical Mike, but I want a Logo, something simple I can draw on a card or something, but unique to put in my letter heads, and business cards, and stuff like that... Any Ideas...
  17. Mikeoo92

    My new effect!

    OK I finally came up with my first won effect, I am not sure if it is original but I don't think anyone has thought of it before! the effect- You ask the spectator if a bottle on the ground was there bottle they say yes... (Its hard to explain even if the bottle is not theirs they say yes...
  18. Mikeoo92

    Good Camera for Filming?

    whats a good cam for filming super super super high quality videos? price dose not really matter but cheapest is better dose anyone know what kind of cams theory11 or E uses? thanks
  19. Mikeoo92

    Factory Sealed Performance Any performance tips? ounce agine, no patter because webcam has no sound..
  20. Mikeoo92

    Voting open for: Levetation Rules: it can be any type of levitation must be atleast 15 seconds can be no more than 5 minutes
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