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    Where can I found instruction for this flourishing?

    I think the Trilogy by Dan and Dave Buck teaches (or demonstrates) this technique very briefly. However, I would recommend just doing a spread, and then trying to slide a card down that way. It's really not so difficult, and I'm confident you'll get it with just a few tries!
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    What type of kind of one handed cut is this? What is it called?

    Just looks like a modified scissor cut to me. I've seen this done many times in older videos, but I don't think it's a particularly specialized move.
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    Question: Two Handed False Cuts

    It's been 3-4 years since I've really done cardistry (unfortunately), but I believe Madonna 3 is false, and Madonna 1 and 2 can be made to be false. Genesis by the Bucks is false as well (or, can be modified slightly to be). Kevin from the Virts also has a couple two-handed false cuts that are...
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    Saturday Night Contest - King of the Vine

    There were two prizes tonight, 1000 Elite Points and Decoy. They never said anything about TWO people getting those prizes separately.
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    Jason England Riffle Stacking

    I have this download and although I don't think it teaches how to do really specific stacking (I haven't watched it in a while), riffle stacking is very simple conceptually. You can use what you learn from the video to really stack whatever you want. It just takes practice.
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    Design a Deck

    I would also like to mention that these aren't only used for magic. With flourishing, the flashier/more pleasant-looking the cards are, the better. It just enhances performances as the entertainer expresses himself through movement, not speaking.
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    So You Want to Study Psychology

    Yes. I have wanted to get into psychology, not to dupe people and make millions, but more so out of interest in how people can be persuaded and how people generally interact. Where would you recommend starting? I have no problem with actually reading and doing work. Few things are as simple...
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    Help please.

    This might help you:
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    Identify this trick/flourish

    I would like to mention that although Franky Morales may have done this move at some point, I highly highly doubt he was the one who did it first. Jaspas had tons of stuff like this and I'm sure others messed around with it years before he even did. On that note, if you cannot find it anywhere...
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    Card Flourishes - "Saturday evening"

    This was a very refreshing video! I love how smooth you are and I enjoyed seeing some new moves/movements as well. Only thing I have to say is that the video was a little dark and slightly out of focus at times so if you fixed that, you're golden as far as I'm concerned.
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    New to Cardistry (sort of), no idea where to go...

    Along with what TeeDee said, you could also check out some of Chris Hestnes' stuff or even Andrei's Genesis II. However, on that note, if you told us whether you liked XCM style fans/triangles/shapes or two-handed cuts more (such as Dan and Dave's stuff, Tobias Levin, etc.) then it could be...
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    What do you do with cards that get old?

    I eat them.
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    12 packet killer cut

    So I hate to be that Dennis Downer here, but that really does not seem ready to release on the Wire for a couple of reasons. One, it's not really "12 packet" and more like "12 card". This alone would not necessarily discount its release. However, the beginning is clearly one of Andrei's moves...
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    foundations of flourishing

    Hmm, sure, there are plenty of bad things on YouTube, but that certainly does not mean that there are no good sources on YouTube. Like I said, one must exercise caution, but it's certainly not ALL negative/useless. I think we should stop hijacking this thread (my fault entirely, I apologize).
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    The Online Cardistry Community Now

    Completely understandable my friend. I do agree that a more centralized area would be helpful but interest has to be shown first before that's viable. Anyway, hope you have a nice day/week/holiday season/year!
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    foundations of flourishing

    Here I will have to respectfully disagree. While I do see your point (which is reflected in a number of super crappy videos), at the same time, YouTube provides an adequate medium for teaching card flourishes. I think the mistake here is assuming that those people even want to become paid...
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    The Online Cardistry Community Now

    Hi there, I've been doing Cardistry/flourishing for a few years now and just have a few comments. First of all, and this has been a subject that has been beaten to death, the only way that the community will become "interested" and "involved" again is of its own accord. I know this...
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    Is Cardistry recognizable?

    I don't generally post on the forums anymore because 99% of the time, nobody cares about what I (or anyone else) says when they have their mind set. I can also say with full confidence that I have nothing against maxllah nor Andrei (in fact, I love flourishing and I don't do any magic) and...
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    Cardistry - Perfect Strangers

    That was pretty dope dawg. I just wish it was a little more well-lit, but that doesn't detract from the flourishing itself.
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    World's First 3D Metal and Mechanized Playing Card

    Ahh, my bad. I originally meant to type "new way of customizing card boxes" but I didn't know whether the cards themselves were any different. Thank you for the clarification!
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