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  1. Haroon Sader

    Free will (is an illusion) vid performance

    @RealityOne , I just skimmed through your reply , there is some intensely good ideas in there and some good improvements, I will read it properly as soon as I get a chance. :) , Thank you man. I may have some more questions for you regarding other material :)
  2. Haroon Sader

    Free will (is an illusion) vid performance

    Hey guys, this is my take on Richard Osterlind's, Steno Esp routine. Enjoy, and as always. Anything you may add to improve my performance will really be appreciated.
  3. Haroon Sader

    Abnormal Lift

    Hey man , thanks :) I am, where about are you :)
  4. Haroon Sader

    Abnormal Lift

    I saw this on one of Osterlinds early videos, I can't remember which one exactly, but I love this demonstration, :) enjoy guys :) , and is there anything you'd like to add so I could improve my future performance? I know that camera is a bit crazy, but its a slightly older video, :P (excuses)...
  5. Haroon Sader

    Hustler by looch (my performance)

    Hey, I've already gotten some criticism for not telling the participant what I'm about to do, but is there any thing else you can add to improve on this performance the next time I do it? Also i had no script at the time, I know it;s something I need to work on, but otherwise , enjoy :), I'm...
  6. Haroon Sader

    If you can pick up the money you can have it

    Hey trickstr , if that is your real name :|, just joking... Read Christopher's answer (he does my work for me sometimes) :D. , it works but you first have to believe it will, I've been criticized many times for not planning things or adding proper scripting (but things work out in the end), and...
  7. Haroon Sader

    If you can pick up the money you can have it

    @ Isaac , thank you, check out Anthony Jacquins book, reality is plastic, He also has some yt videos teaching the basics, when you're done with the book, make sure to check out his Manchurian Approach dvd, you won't need any other sources :) All the best :) @Explicit , thank you :D...
  8. Haroon Sader

    If you can pick up the money you can have it

    Similar to the demonstration from "now you see me" , But I recorded this before the movie came out, any feedback? enjoy ",
  9. Haroon Sader

    Prop-less Add-a-number (classic) Just a performance, of an add-a-number style effect. Let me know where I could have improved :)
  10. Haroon Sader

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Jason England

    Jason England How does it feel to be one of the most respected card technicians in the world? Was this a childhood dream, how'd you realize that this what what you wanted to do? Do you ever actually cheat or you caught someone cheating?
  11. Haroon Sader

    Saturday Night Contest - Lost and Found The gambling sequence from the movie "Shade", ft. Jason England and Paul Wilson, at-least my take on it, enjoy
  12. Haroon Sader

    forth dimensional (annemann)

    Hey Craig, thank you , Ok so next time should i just get like an idea, of what I'd ask people to think about? As you saw, in the performance, they had trouble with thinking of questions to ask me, should I just script a little more, like "you think of your pin number, you, a name and you a...
  13. Haroon Sader

    forth dimensional (annemann) , any feedback on my performance would be appreciated :), enjoy. I did away with a force I think it's a small but good improvement
  14. Haroon Sader

    card stab (my performance)

    ah man, thank you bro, :D, thanks :D , nice name Vidar, sounds cool :)
  15. Haroon Sader

    card stab (my performance), any feedback guys?
  16. Haroon Sader

    My performance of the "amazing memory test"

    Hey guys, , Enjoy, and I need constructive criticism. I'ts not perfect, but if you guys have any suggestions to improve my performance, I'm all ears :)
  17. Haroon Sader

    Saturday Night Contest - Something Spooky

    Hey guys, this is my take on a "Séance", it went on way longer than this video, but cut it down, took me all day to produce, and my mic, decided to break last night, lol like a Halloween curse, but anyway, hope you guys enjoy :D , I used a well known effect in a different way, I hope that's...
  18. Haroon Sader

    Influence (my weekly series) on Vimeo

    Hey guys this is the ten card poker deal, one of my favorite playing card effects, enjoy :D
  19. Haroon Sader

    Influence (my weekly series) on Vimeo

    Here is my take on the book/word test, I love it as there's so much flexibility with book tests, like situational revelations of the thought of word. The book test is actually what got me into mental ism as well as the living and dead test. Anyway enjoy :)
  20. Haroon Sader

    Influence (my weekly series) on Vimeo

    Serial Killer - A photo-separation enjoy :)
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