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    Help - Bored with My Tricks

    Exactly! I took a long hiatus from magic, and it was the best thing I've ever done. I quit my restaurants, slowed waaaay down on the private events, and just enjoyed not touching cards, coins, traveling, performing, etc. I'm still taking a break, but am slowly getting back into magic again. Slowly.
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    Help - Bored with My Tricks

    When I was working restaurants regularly, I found that I'd get bored with my material every now and again. Granted, I was always trying something new with the old stuff, trying to improve the old stuff, etc. Still do it to this day... but bored at the same time. So what I started to do was...
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    Amazing tips for pros

    Eh... nothing really amazing there. Just stuff that's been re-stated time and again in almost every restaurant magic dvd. The best advice I got regarding tips.. "Just do a damn good show, to the point they feel obligated to tip you." Honestly, I never worry about tips. Ever. Why? Because I...
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    Series One Guardians

    College money or crack?? You sound a little nonchalant about that decision, haha.
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    Series One Guardians

    To be honest, there's nothing special about the first edition, other than they're definitely not as good as the current ones. I believe the logo on the bottom of the box is a bit darker than the logo on the current box (the yellow), but that's all I've heard on the subject. Just open them and...
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    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    So what's tonight? Anyone care to give me a run down of over 100+ pages of info? Thanks, Steve
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    Best Magic Wallet?

    Ivan, No, it does not have a coin department. But there is a zippered pouch for the reveal of the signed item. I use it for card to wallet, dollar, etc. Any revelation of a signed object really... I don't personally see the need for a coin pouch... I just use a separate coin purse...
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    Best Magic Wallet?

    Royal wallet. I will never use another card-to-wallet ever... In terms of practicality of both a good magic wallet and every-day-use wallet, it's unbeatable in my opinion. No need to mercury card fold either, which was a big reason why I chose this over the Mesika wallet. They look similar but...
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    Magi-Whirl 2010!

    Update: Eric Jones and Danny Garcia will be in the dealers room for this convention! :D AND Darwin Ortiz is going to be the Guest of Honor, I believe doing a Q&A! Get your tickets now if you want to go... always is a great convention and a lot of fun!
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    Magi-Whirl 2010!

    Yep, I'll be there again this year. Although, I don't see how it's possible to top last years. Seeing both Paul Green AND Jeff Mcbride lecture AND perform made for an AWESOME CONVENTION! Jeff headlined the evening Gala show and that in itself was a learning experience. I actually got to work...
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    thanks Jon! Every is good over here on the home front... how about yourself? Ready for xmas yet...

    thanks Jon! Every is good over here on the home front... how about yourself? Ready for xmas yet? haha..
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    The Final Round: The True Astonishment Contest

    cm763, Best of luck to you bro! :)
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    Anyone in Richmond, VA?

    William, I'm about 2 hours from there. I might be taking a road trip soon bro... what times will be you performing at? Would like to get together and hang for a bit before or after if possible... Talk soon, Steve P.S. What's your facebook link? I'll add you.
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    Wayne Houchin's Dean Dill Fundraiser

    Hmm.... sounds like a good reason to order some new magic for me. =] Hats off to Wayne for being so damn generous, and I'll be holding a good thought for Dean and his family through this difficult time. Best. Steve
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    Saturday Night Contest - Something Different : Show Us What You Got

    Videos for me are somewhat limited... I have one of me o the practice track the day I got my new bike. I was slow, but you get the idea. Here it is: Here are a couple pics that are more recent, just to show my improvement lol. Good...
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    The Main Event: A True "Astonishment"

    I don't know what you're talking about... I wrote mine out, then it asked me to log in again. I logged in, and it took my right back to the PM screen with everything I wrote still there.
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    The 13th Hour Challenge

    William, I love the idea. Really, it rocks man! But the problem I have with it, is that I'll never accept a show based around a pirate theme or a super-hero theme. That's not what I do, so I'd simply pass on the show. And while I realize it's just for fun, my magic knowledge is pretty...
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    My Aunt on A&E

    I'll be honest... I was a little taken back by how this thread started. The OP just posted some info about his family, and when it would be on TV. Personally, I thought it was pretty cool. Not that I necessarily believe in it, but I don't know enough to totally cross it off as a possibility...
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    Some Advice Needed....

    Shane... First off, I said the Malini Egg Bag...not a change bag. Sounds like you don't know what that is... I highly suggest you look into it. One of the best damn routines in magic. If it's good enough for Johnny Thompson, Max Malini, Denny Haney, and the very high end clientel that I'm...
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    Some Advice Needed....

    Ok... so I don't know your style, material, nothing... I'm just thinking out loud here and saying what I'd do in your situation. 1. First things first, your health and safety. In EVERY contract for EVERY gig, I state that I'm allowed 1 ten minute break for every hour performing for water. You...
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