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  1. Flyspazz

    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl Prediction!

    Steelers win. 24-20.
  2. Flyspazz

    Saturday Night Contest - Cardistry Card Lottery

    8 of diamonds. bling bling
  3. Flyspazz

    Michae Grasso Reappears on AGT Tonight!

    True, although Dan wasnt on:) I thought the 1-2 punch at the end did it for Grasso. Glad he got a second chance. Magics getting some nice attention on AGT this season but the young singer has a huge following. Thanks for posting this on the Newswire. I wasnt able to catch it on TV and went...
  4. Flyspazz

    Charlotte, NC airport?

    Funny. I spend a lot of down time waiting at airports. I try to use the opportunity to work on difficult moves or routines. You’d be surprised at the number of people that will approach you and the conversations you’ll have which gives you an opportunity to work on some presentation...
  5. Flyspazz

    Que Pedo we??? I dont know about all that, must be a Spanish thing. Anyhow, Feliz...

    Que Pedo we??? I dont know about all that, must be a Spanish thing. Anyhow, Feliz Cumpleanos and mayo tu hacer el amor con una mujer durante mucho tiempo. I think. OK my Spanish is a little oxidado:)
  6. Flyspazz

    Saturday Night Contest - The Facebook Card Challenge

    I'll guess 8 of Diamonds.
  7. Flyspazz

    Dan Sperry Live on itricks

    Just putting it out there as I haven’t seen anything here on it yet. Usually it’s every Wednesday at 8pm EST. Dan speaks his mind, talks about current events in magic, has guest visitors, and gives his insight. Always interesting. What else are you doing on Wednesday night? Join in.
  8. Flyspazz

    Distortion by Wayne Houchin - Worth it?

    Its hard to say as we dont know much about you and everyone has their own likes and dislikes. There are 3 reviews in the review section that may help you with your decision.
  9. Flyspazz

    t11.SNC - Roundtable Discussion : Behind The Scenes at t11

    1. What’s something you’ve seen or done recently that really inspired you, be it magic or not? 2. Working professionals lives are obviously very involved in magic but your jobs by their very nature seem to require you to be consumed in it. Do you ever experience magic burnout and just need...
  10. Flyspazz

    A Public Apology to all of WTF No Limits Customers

    Its ashame to see friends who were at one time inseparable now going at each other. I commend you for stating your position and trying to do right to those you wronged and for moving forward. You take a deserved beating for what you’ve done when what you should have done was reach out to...
  11. Flyspazz

    Lottery Ticket Trick

    To clear this up. Obviously anything by Anthony Owen is golden. When I stated “useless links” I was referring to the fact that they may be useless to the joeymagicfreak as at the time we didn’t know if he performed on stage or not. Recommending something to someone without having any info...
  12. Flyspazz

    Lottery Ticket Trick

    I was trying to be helpful to him. In this thread and the other he specifically asked about Nates version. Which I answered correctly. He didn’t respond to either one so I sent him a pm asking what situations and settings he performed in so that I might send him in the right direction...
  13. Flyspazz

    Physical issues and the metamorphosis illusion.

    Traditionally the magician does start on the box which would be the optimum situation for her anyway. There are versions where the roles are reversed and the magician starts in the trunk but I feel that this is a mistake in the performance as the attention in the beginning would be on the...
  14. Flyspazz

    Physical issues and the metamorphosis illusion.

    Ashley, I realize your physical issue but your starting on top of the trunk unless I'm mistaken. So your moving downward not up rapidly. The only time your getting up is when the truck is opened and your in the bag. Which would be no problem for the assistant to assist you up and untie the...
  15. Flyspazz

    Nate Staniforth

    Your correct he did. In May of 2008. I was referring to the guy that posted an hour ago. My bad.
  16. Flyspazz

    Nate Staniforth

    No. He wanted to know and I quote and I gave him the answer. The blowing up balloons was a reference to your pressure video's in case you did catch that.
  17. Flyspazz

    Nate Staniforth

    You've been blowing up to many balloons. What do those links have to do with anything we are talking about?
  18. Flyspazz

    Lottery Ticket Trick

    I answered already in the other thread. It was Nates baby and he either sold it to or gave Blaine permission to perform it on his tv special. He has not put it on the market for magicians and I doubt that he will anytime soon, if ever.
  19. Flyspazz

    Nate Staniforth

    You can't. He has no plans to market it.
  20. Flyspazz

    Criss Angel... magician of the century?

    I don't know which party said it but it's the WWE. They've been known to talk a little trash.
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