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  1. rousselle

    Magic Shops in Rhode Island and Boston

    I used to live in the Boston area, and whenever I'm back in town (every couple years or so), I like to drop by Hank Lee's Magic Factory. Last time I was in town, I believe their storefront was on South Street near downtown. Ahhh, just checked their website, and clicked on...
  2. rousselle


    Several months later... So, how'd it go, Mikeoo92?
  3. rousselle

    Art of Magic

    Oh, right. Sorry. Should have made short snarky retort, instead. My bad. Brad Henderson said it better than I, anyway. Sorry for the long-windedness.
  4. rousselle

    Art of Magic

    Learning from the Masters... As a writer of fiction (typically, but not exclusively, science fiction and fantasy), my goal is to be widely read. To that extent, it behooves me to take what good advice I can from any writer who is already doing what I'd like to do: earn a living with writing...
  5. rousselle

    Being an Underground Magician

    The forgotten history of underground magic Many of the readers here are too young to remember this, but back in the 1940's, it was legal in the southern states and several mid-west and southwestern states to discriminate against street magicians and street mimes. Stage magicians were tolerated...
  6. rousselle

    How Cardistry Got Me Invited to the TED Global Conference

    Jason, This is wonderful news. Congratulations! Oh, and you have a very, very cool dad. Tell him that. I look forward to the day I can take my own kids to TED, or TAM, or some similar event(s) when they are old enough.... Please enjoy, and send a link to your trip report when you get...
  7. rousselle

    T11 convention?

    This is how things get started... Are you all familiar with the concept of the "Star Trek Convention"? This is how such movements get started. A group of interested parties agree to meet somewhere, they do it again a year later, and so on, and the next thing you know... it's *the* place for...
  8. rousselle

    How old are you?

    It's interesting to see some names here I recognize from their excellent posts on other threads turning out to be a bit younger than I would have guessed. Keep polishing your writing; it's a skill that can take you far in *any* field. (I'm still working on it, myself.) That said, I'm forty...
  9. rousselle

    A Farewell...

    Hey, Steerpike. I've only read a handful of your thousand+ posts, and I'm more of a lurker than active participant, but I've enjoyed the posts of yours I've read and the conversations in which we've briefly engaged. I'm still a newbie in this area of interest, but I'm a seasoned hand in some...
  10. rousselle

    Ending for a love routine?

    There are various decks of gaffed playing cards that feature an Ace of Hearts with the heart broken or shattered. If you perform your routine with a forced Ace of Hearts, the ending writes itself... Of course, it's the patter that would sell this, and that all depends upon your story up to...
  11. rousselle

    Magician's Quotes Compilation

    If I recall correctly, the correct quote is: "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." A follow-up has been variously attributed: "But when we've practiced quite a while, how vastly we improve our style!" --
  12. rousselle

    Gaff Decks

    A few more thoughts on the subject... Hi, there, Frostbullet. In general, anyone referring to a "gaff" or a "gimmick" is referring to an object that appears to be an unadulterated version of that object, but in fact has some important alteration(s). As has been alluded to in some earlier...
  13. rousselle


    Getting comfortable in front of groups of strangers Hi, William. There's an organization called Toastmasters that has chapters in just about every part of the country that you might want to consider visiting. Membership is typically free or very cheap (I realize that you and I may have a...
  14. rousselle

    World End?

    An interesting little article about the Large Hadron Collider: And here's a little ditty explaining the Mayan calendar misunderstanding: And here's a live webcam showing how things are going at the LHC...
  15. rousselle

    Announcement: Improve your performance of WITNESS

    Hi, Lee. Hi, all. I haven't yet responded to your recent e-mail survey regarding how I'm doing with Witness -- I'll do so soon, I promise! -- but allow me to take a few seconds to say: 1) I'm happy and impressed that you are doing what you can to learn how your product is being received...
  16. rousselle

    Magic trick names are weird

    What's in a Name? We have every right to suggest, cajole, demand, or refuse name changes of anything; just as those who create, market, or distribute said items have the right to disregard our suggestions. Peter Gabriel released several albums with no titles at all. That was his...
  17. rousselle

    Saturday Night Contest - One Year Anniversary

    Nicely done, Ben. (Oh, and nice avatar, too, I must say.) And congrats to the honorable mentions, as well.
  18. rousselle

    Saturday Night Contest - One Year Anniversary

    Me & Magic in the last year I came here by way of being a playing card collector. On a couple of different occasions, I started to get into card-related magic. After all, I have the cards, I may as well learn how to do something fun with them (in addition to playing the many card games I like...
  19. rousselle

    Magic or Card Related Movies

    Several of the James Bond movies (and books) feature various card games. If I recall correctly, the very first introduction of Bond (in the "official" Eon Productions films) is in Dr. No, at a Baccarat table, where he first announces himself as "Bond. James Bond." Bond is sent to investigate...
  20. rousselle

    Custom Printed Playing Cards

    Gemaco Another major playing card manufacturer here in the US, Gemaco, sells custom printed decks in much lower quantities for a minimum order. I have my custom printed "business" cards printed by them. (I go for the cheapest they have, because they are not intended to be used as playing...
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