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  1. Casey


    As far as I know, TCTEESA isnt the same as pandora. It's very close though. The only difference is that there is a revolution cut before the first flare card is taken. That's what I've heard, anyway.
  2. Casey

    Good Coin shell?

    Anyone know of a fairly inexpensive, but good quality expanded half shell? Thanks!
  3. Casey

    Studying EATCT

    I really want to read it, but haven't gotten around to it, because I'm working through modern coin magic right now. :)
  4. Casey

    Editing Software

    I can agree with that. Avid is the industry standard, more highly priced then FCP, and much more complicated. Not what we need for a cardistry video. I think FC studio is good, but you don't NEED it for a cardistry video. If you're someone like me, who wants more than iMovie, then Adobe...
  5. Casey

    Editing Software

    I would recommend Final cut pro X. It's in the app store, and it works great! (Assuming you have Mac) If you're a windows person, then Sony Vegas Pro works great too.
  6. Casey

    Card Trick Concept

    I'd be quite interested, though I don't have any %&*@ cards to tear. Could probably get some streamlines from walmart... Anyway, what if you reused a card. You could put the rubber band hole in it and keep using the same one. Would it be possible to maybe spring or dribble the cards in YOUR...
  7. Casey

    Classic Faro Rage

    Ouch! Now that really stinks...
  8. Casey

    Ponta the Smith one coin

    Thanks! I just started coins like a month ago. :)
  9. Casey

    Ponta the Smith one coin

    I mainly made this so that I could have something to mark my progress along the way. Anyway, I'm making it private or removed.
  10. Casey

    Ponta the Smith one coin

    I've practiced for half an hour. It's harder to get smooth, than clean. But here it is:
  11. Casey

    Skeleto(What card effects are you guys working on)

    I'm working on Card Control as well. Excellent book. I recommend any of you who don't have it (Most likely very few of you, but still.) to get it. I'm working on an ACR as well. And biddle trick is always fun to work with. :) I've also come back to Portal. Love the trick.
  12. Casey

    "The Wire" just an extension

    A little desperate there? lol
  13. Casey

    Shell question

    There are all different types of shells. A good one usually costs $25+. Just google "Johnson Coin shells" and click on their website. It's like "" or something like that. Note, that is not the actual address, just what I remember.
  14. Casey

    Card Control question

    I'll work on one and PM it to you unlisted.
  15. Casey

    New Trick for the Wire

    If it involves a crimp, break, short card, or etc. then it's not original.
  16. Casey

    Dude, you HAVE to do some magic!

    I carry around like 4 half dollars and 4 dollar coins. I also usually have some rubber bands on my wrist, and a pack of cards, but I pack pretty light. :) If I am REALLY limited on space, I'll just take rubber bands and a couple coins. :)
  17. Casey

    Saturday Night Roundtable - All About The Wire

    Do you plan to keep developing the wire? Sort of like, do the download links only work once? And there's a different one every time? Thanks! -Casey
  18. Casey

    V6 Trailer

    Thanks guys! It means a lot! -Casey
  19. Casey

    V6 Trailer

    I want to know what you guys think of this. Thanks! -Casey
  20. Casey

    Rejected submission

    The move needs a bit more practice. I could see through it. Interesting idea though..
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