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  1. jtra

    Saturday Night Contest - Uncut Cardistry!

    Here's four of my favorite packet cuts. The first three are original creations and the fourth is a very difficult but highly effective move called Lacoste 1 by Patrick Varnavas.
  2. jtra

    Saturday Night Contest - Cardistry Con!

    Haven't done one of these in a loooong time. Anyways, here's my cut milla.
  3. jtra

    Saturday Night Contest - Create A Flourish!

    I really like this idea, very comfy. Going to find a new opener when I get some more free time. Doesn't start in dealers grip but more of an elevated grip between the thumb and pinky. Also, I hope using squids doesn't invalidate my entry. Happy birthday Casey!
  4. jtra

    Here is a short video of some original moves

    Tell me what you think!
  5. jtra

    Riffle Cut Tutorial

    This is crazy cool man, keep it up!
  6. jtra

    Cardistry "Plagiarism"

    It happens every once and a while, but don't put it on The Wire unless you ask that other person for permission first.
  7. jtra

    One-handed false cuts

    V cuts
  8. jtra

    Best cardistry cards. My opinion and yours.

    I like Tallies, Studs, Smoke and Mirrors and Aladdins.
  9. jtra

    Saturday Night Contest - Celebrating 40k!

    Theory11 has always been about quality over quantity, and the Red Monarchs are some of the highest quality cards out there.
  10. jtra

    First year in cardistry - Four Part Plan

    Where the video lacks in technical skill, it makes up with originality. I haven't really seen a cardistry video take this approach before, and it is very clear that you spent a lot of time working on it. Bravo!
  11. jtra

    One-on-one session

  12. jtra

    Judo-Flip help!!!

    Your hands definitely need to get used to the motions, Muse Cut is very hard. Keep working at it, this is one of the best OH cuts there is, worth the practice. Don't ever worry about your hand size, you won't be able to get better if you are stuck in the frame of mind that your hands are too...
  13. jtra

    Saturday Night Contest - Create A Flourish!

    Kind of a new cut, pretty fun to do!
  14. jtra

    Constructive Criticism on This...

    There are some cool moments in the flourish, but I do not think that it is original/creative enough to warrant a release on The Wire. I think that instead of focusing on getting published and selling our creations (speaking generally to cardists, not to you), we need to keep making moves and...
  15. jtra

    Starting Cardistry

    I recommend The Virts are experts and Huron is one of the best teachers out there. Flourishes like Flicker and Rev 2 are essential to any flourisher's repertoire. (You might want to start at the grips video even if you know the grips already...
  16. jtra

    What did you win?

    I got solely points last year (a whole lot of them) , but the year before I got a deck of Red JAQKs (and a lot of points as well), and that took enough luck to last two years. :)
  17. jtra

    Green Monarchs and their finish

    Do the Green Monarchs feel similar to the Red Monarchs? I ask because the Red Monarchs to this day feels the best out of my entire collection.
  18. jtra

    Saturday Night Contest - Revolution

    bootleg nimbus
  19. jtra

    Saturday Night Contest - JAQK Prediction

    Jack of Diamonds 6 of Clubs
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