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  1. Tally

    Love and Support

    Hey all, I made a video for a competition based on a magic tragedy. Please watch and leave a comment. Give me some love and support. Hope you all like. Anthony
  2. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain - Lesson #5

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain Introduction: It has been a great four issues of “Lessons Learned” and now our time must come to an end. “There shall be no more, so for one last time, people make some noise.” Thank you for all your support. Keep the dream alive! Lesson #5: Let me tell...
  3. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain - Lesson #4

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain Introduction One month of the school year has passed. Eight more months; need to make the best of it. Lesson #4 – You Don’t Need School to Be Successful Let me tell you a story. Ms. Jakhsen asked a student if he had any “academic aspirations.” The...
  4. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legedemain - Lesson #3

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain – Lesson #3 Introduction It is Labor Day! I hope you enjoyed the last two Legerdemain series. The summer of 2009 has been a wonderful time for my magic. I have enjoyed much practice without the hassle of school. I have also glued my eyes into books like...
  5. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legedemain

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain Introduction Hello and welcome to the second series of “Lessons Learned From Legerdemain!” In the first series, I talked about how I wrote a script for Dracula; credits to Pete McCabe’s Scripting Magic. Scripting Magic has helped me tremendously to write...
  6. Tally

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain

    Lessons Learned From Legerdemain Introduction Welcome to “Lessons Learned From Legerdemain!” Hello! My name is Anthony Nguyen and I have been studying magic a little over two years and I picked up on acting in September 2008. “Lessons Learned From Legerdemain” is a series of writings not...
  7. Tally

    Dancing Cane

    Hello! Thank you for coming on this thread and reading the thread. Greatly appreciate it and would thank you so much more if you could be of any assistance! But thanks for giving me your time. What dvd or book is good to learn how to dance a cane? And what is the best dancing cane out on the...
  8. Tally

    Double Lift Battle

    Just a simple double lift, losing the card in the middle, and making it come back to the top. Do the trick to an audience (stangers) and the voters will vote on reaction of the audience, execution, presentation and creativity. Editing is allowed. Let's get going yall! Anthony Nguyen
  9. Tally

    Magician's Wax

    I know that Magician's Wax sticks on glass, but does it stick paper to paper? I'm going to do a trick that involves closing a secret compartment to leave the prop looking natural for examination.
  10. Tally

    License to Busk?

    Must you have a license that says you can gather a group of people on the street to perform for or can any magician just go out and do it?
  11. Tally

    Floating Rose

    Hey, I'm looking for a floating rose effect. Does any of you have any suggestions? I'm doing a stage performance next year at my school. I am very excited to do this performance with my friend. Thanks.
  12. Tally


    What are your opinions on Hypnosis. It's a new thing I came across while reading some magic new in Genii Magazine. You'll like it....not...think it's awesome...or not? I starting to like it. here is a video that gave me lots of laughs. The video I...
  13. Tally

    Performance Trouble

    I was performing yesterday at school, and was doing a couple of double lifts while doing ACR and 2CM and my friend was just trying to figure out how to do it. He said, "Oh is that one or 2 cards", or "No, that's not my card that you put in the middle i know that." When you all perform, what do...
  14. Tally

    Awesome Picture!

    Art I created for English class. Thought I'd share with you all.
  15. Tally


    I'm looking for a very good dvd teaching the basics of magic. I'm leaning towards Born to Perform with Oz Pearlman. Anybody else have any good dvd's you want to suggest. Thank you.
  16. Tally

    Pen Flourish

    Look crazy flourishes with pens o.0
  17. Tally

    Royal Road to Card Magic

    Why are there different versions of Royal Road to Card Magic (books). Is there different material that is left out or added in the versions?
  18. Tally

    Filming Spectators

    Is it needed to ask the question, "Do you mind being on the internet?", when performing and filiming the spectator? If needed, any suggestions of what I should say?
  19. Tally

    For Those in School

    For those magicians who are still going to school and are really into magic. Do you guys care much about school or do you just kinda not do homework and just focus on practicing and reading magic books and going on theory11 to chill. Right now, I don't care so much about school hhaa
  20. Tally

    What is Cerca Trova?

    What is Cerca Trova. Isn't it one of the shirts on T11? But now it sounds like a new dvd or something? Any thoughts?
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