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    Raise Rise This is my performance of Ray Kosby's extremely visual effect, Raise Rise. A special thanks to Eric Jones for pointing out a few things about the effect to me, and to Mihai (Blunk) for the song choice. The song is Chasing Cars by Snow...
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    G.O.A.T. Change Performance This video is dedicated to my grandfather, who passed away on December 29th, 2008. A special thank you to Dave Buck for letting me put this video up. Also, this video is a response to a post on my friends' blog...
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    Broadside Practice

    I put up the following video in order to receive feedback on how to get rid off unnecessary movement from my left thumb. So, if you have any ideas on how to get rid of it, please tell me.
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    Cherry Control Performance This is my performance of Ricky Smith's Cherry Control. Credits go to Ricky Smith for teaching me the Cherry Control, to Dan Buck for ridding me of the evil "click" noise, and to Spencer Peterson for helping me with it in general.
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    Cascade Control + Clip Shift This is my performance of the Clip Shift by Chad Nelson and Paul Chosse's handling of Charlie Miller's Cascade Control. All comments are highly appreciated.
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    Proteus Performance - Final This is the trick Proteus, from the amazing book, By Forces Unseen. The song is Clocks by Coldplay. I finally got a video camera! No more webcam!
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    New YouTube Account

    Guys, Just to let you know, I took off my old Youtube account because I was tired of being called Rich/Richard. The link to the new account is here.
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    Proteus This is the trick, "Proteus", from the excellent book, "By Forces Unseen; The Innovative Card Magic of Ernest Earick" written by Stephen Minch.
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    Proteus This is the trick, "Proteus", from the excellent book, "By Forces Unseen; The Innovative Card Magic of Ernest Earick" written by Stephen Minch.
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    Proteus Variation

    When By Forces Unseen and SURFACED collide...
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    Card Battle?

    Guys. I'm bored tonight and I can't think of a way to make the music fit any of my effects for the SNC. Does anyone wanna "Battle" me in something card related? I'm pretty versed in cards. -Matt
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    Cascade Control Demo This is Paul Chosse's handling of Charlie Miller's Cascade Control. This is the handling published in Card Finesse Volume II.
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    Banned on dan&dave?

    I recently signed in on and when I signed in, I got this message when I tried to post a comment. You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified. Date the ban will be lifted: Never
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    10 Months In

    5 Months In This is my second flourishing video. All feedback is highly appreciated whether it be good or bad feedback. Credits go to Dan Buck, Dave Buck, Joey Burton, Jerry "The Flourishman" Cestkowski, Brian Tudor, Chris Kenner, Jordan...
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    Cardistry Routine

    ***Do yourself a favor and watch the video in high quality*** This is an uncut Cardisty Routine. Credits go to the Bucks, The Flourishman, David Blanch, Chris Kenner, Mike Graham, my good friend Tyler (for the first song) and to a lot of other people that inspire me...
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    Double Lift Sequence This is a short Double Lift sequence. Comments and feedback is highly appreciated. ***Watch In High Quality***
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    Gravity Half Pass

    Do you do the Gravity Half Pass? If so, do you have any tips on how to do the "right-arm action" on pages 17 and 18 of the original Paper Engine? I can't seem to find how to square the two packets so effortlessly as seen in this video. Do you have any...
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    This is my entry to's "Your Style" contest. Feedback and comments are always welcome and appreciated.
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    The Youngest Magician In The World Part Two The second edition of "The Youngest Magician In The World."
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    Strat-O-Sphere Help

    I just realized that my Strat-O-Sphere smells horrible! I can't stand the smell. I washed it out and cleaned it last night and the smell still won't go away. Anybody have any ideas on how to get the smell out?
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