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  1. Nikki

    Magic Scholarship

    Irving Quant has been talking to me about doing a magic scholarship. He really wants to help younger magicians that are 18 yrs of age and younger who can't afford to buy the books to learn and wants to be able to provide them with an education in magic. Heres the deal: Irving is going to sell...
  2. Nikki

    What exactly makes someone a magician?

    WOW, so yeah its been a LONG time since ive been on forums..been really busy. Sorry if this is already a I said its been a long time since Ive acctually been on forums and read things and I didn't see it when I used the search. But while talking to my friend Jenni, another female...
  3. Nikki

    Dan Sperry in Colorado

    Hey, anyone in colorado? or going to be there July 24th and 25th? If so, you guessed it from the title, dan sperry and also reza are gonna in the show. I would go if i was gonna be there, but oh well, just thought id pass it on. anyone think they're gonna go?
  4. Nikki

    This Made Me Cry [Haha] i jus had to post this..i think its so funny. tell me what u think EDIT: credits go to mike d. for finding this AKA ^^hes awesomee btw
  5. Nikki

    This is a big problem...

    i talked to people on this site...... and they were showing no respect for this art. they promote exposure...and say they're only in it to get girls, "get noticed", or cause they have nothing better to do. its like they don't even care what they're doing, they have no passion for the art. they...
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