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    Working with Cards and Cars.

    Theory11. I need your advice. My dad and I want to work on classic cars and sell them. It would be an uphill battle keeping hands clean enough to actually WORK as a magician at a few events a month as well as recreate classic cars. I've been doing some research. I've tried all that orange...
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    Coffee shop magic?

    Hey Theory 11 web users. I am looking for inspiration for coffee shop magic. I am not looking for specific effects whether its free, or I would need to purchase it. I take pride in my creativity, knowing the method to a trick limits the possibilities of creating the impossible. I dislike...
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    Selection cards still?

    Hello T11 members and maybe some guests. I have a question or all card magicians. Why do we still have cards picked from the deck? Besides the reasons for bonding or connecting. I mean to me I'd rather take out a random card myself. We need to stay in control at all times right? any...
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    Help Needed...

    Ok guys, I have a request. I need some help creating a four card production where one of the four queens is face up on top of the deck and the rest of the queens are face down right underneath the top face up queen. any ideas, or pre-existing productions deal with this problem? All I'm...
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    Hello T11 members, First off Happy Thanksgiving. Second, how can an entertainer that does sleight of hand make it known that he is there to entertain, not fool the pants off the receiving party over and over. Sometimes it's about everybody relaxing and not all about the chance to catch a...
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    Riot Reactions

    Hey guys, how are the reactions with riot for real people? and does the gimmick stay in the deck during the whole performance or do u take it in and out.
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    Where can I find this box?

    who can tell me what the name of this box is? I watched another dude do a GREAT routine with it. any help will do wonders thanks in advance.
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    Vernon's substitute transger

    What do you guys think are some good effects surrounding the Vernon substitute transfer? I just saw it in Sleights of Haggis.
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    Suspension and Levitation

    Whats the difference between these two theories in magic, to me they seem exactly the same. Thanks in advance guys.
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    Austin, Texas

    Anyone in the area want to meet up? Give a reply.
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    Packet trick sleight...

    Hey guys, normally I don't ask for help when if comes to card magic. But I need a little help with this one. I've been thinking about this effect for a day or so, and I have a small commitment to make in just a few days. I need a sleight where where the the middle card in a packet of five...
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    Linking Witness and Indecent

    Ok, so i was thinking it would be awesome to do a practically impromptu version of these two effects. I know how to do both of them, but linking them together is difficult for me. Any ideas, I'd prefer indecent first.
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    Calling All DnD Fans

    Whats up guys, I need your help in finding out what effects were in the lecture notes of In The Hands and Nursery Rhymes, Just the trick lists and short description would be GREAT, thanks in advance guys.
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    Filler effects?

    What are some of your favorite "filler" effects. Effects that happen in between your opener and your closer. I am trying to come up with some impromptu miracle material. Just the title, credits if you don't mind, and description would be amazing. thanks in advance. I forgot to add in...
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    Card Plots?

    I was wandering if anyone here would like to share there card plots/ revelations?
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    Peter Duffie?

    What do you guys think about Peter Duffie. He seems to have some incredible ideas, I bought one book by him and everything in there has setup. I am the kind of performer that likes going out with a card folded in my shoe, and having fun and taking advantage of every situation. I don't enjoy...
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    Sleight eBooks or DVDs

    Hey guys, I just recently found out that I only find joy in the impromptu magic effect I create while performing. For example subway is wonderful, I enjoy doing it for myself. But whenever I create a plot and figure out an awesome method, then perform that method for some laymen I get this...
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    Magical gestures

    Do "magical" gestures help with the performance aspect of magic? Like a snap or a wave over the cards "casting a shadow" I either read or heard from Paul Harris, if you were a (real) magician you would not need to do any more presentation, you would just do it. What are your ideas about this...
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    Articles to get you on the right track click the link if your are looking for some advice on a lot of the performance aspects of magic and the collective arts. I was searching through a juggling website and found this link. The stuff is pretty informative, good ideas, and written by...
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    Where can I find this?

    I knew from the moment I saw this on mindfreak that if someone asked me to levetate I would say I can't, but I am 9/10ths there. and show them this. I have a few ideas, but my ideas are impossible on concrete. any ideas would and will help.
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