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  1. aknobli

    Overcome my dry hands to perform better card magic?

    I have dry hands. That's just the way it is. It can be spring, summer, fall or winter. This being said it is always a challenge for me when trying to learn or perform sleight of hand magic with playing cards. To overcome this I always have to lick my fingers before doing the secret move. I...
  2. aknobli

    How to use magic to propose to your loved one?

    So I'm a 26 year old male who is single. But for some reason the thought of how to use magic to propose to your loved one crossed my mind today. I figure its never too early to start thinking about this because honestly someday down the road this will eventually happen. But how many people use...
  3. aknobli

    I have a question about Tranz4mr by Jay Sankey

    For those who own this effect, I have question for you. It seems that when i perform this effect and it comes down to the finale when the random torn card transforms into theirs. I don't get the type of reactions that I was expecting. It seems that the torn corner is to blame. They usually...
  4. aknobli

    What if there is already another magician performing?

    Not sure how this question popped into my head. But I was wondering............. What if you go to a party, club, bar, friends house, etc......... ready to perform some magic but coincidentally there is already someone else there performing before you. What do you do??? Do you respect...
  5. aknobli

    ACR Routine

    Hey guys. Im looking for a really good ACR routine. It can be a book or a dvd. What are your guys suggestions? Thanks. :)
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