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  1. mattklein

    Magic Related Habits

    Haha. Nice. I try to backpalm id/credit/buisiness cards. tenkai palm or palm everything. flicker with any card. pirouette with them obviously. i palm my car key. haha
  2. mattklein

    Saturday Night Contest - Learn. Share. Collaborate.

    Technology helps magic is every way possible. Without the internet I would have to drive hours to buy a custom deck. I probably wouldnt even know what a custom deck was. Technology of today lets us create magic with it. Mike Hankin's Illuminate is one that distinctly comes to mind, not to...
  3. mattklein

    Stars of magic question

    I'm sure it's worth it. I don't mind dry reads. Especially about something interesting and I had been suggested to read Bobo's by a few people after i'd asked whats best to start out with.
  4. mattklein

    Stars of magic question

    thank you very much. i do a lot of card magic. It's all i do right now. so i was looking into getting the book for everything inside it. card coins and normal objects. Would you happen to know where i could get both books in the same place?
  5. mattklein

    What is this move called?!?

    Under Pressure by Michael Vile. Its taught in everythingelse of The trilogy.
  6. mattklein

    Stars of magic question

    I was wondering if the coin magic inside of the book is good to start with, or if it needs a previous knowledge of sleights? I'm a card magician and want to try to start other types as well. Any help is appreciated.
  7. mattklein

    What fools and entertains best?

    Amazing question man! I use Deja Vu from The Trilogy to fool more than i do to entertain. Its one of my favorites to do because its what fooled me every time i saw it. The one i use to entertain the most is probably hand to mouth from the trilogy. I think that the second one is the most...
  8. mattklein

    Bunny Magic XD

    yes for killer rabbit! Ni!
  9. mattklein

    Which cards do you use?

    tallies- longer lasting than bikes for just a bit more tally ho viper- longest lasting cards i own. amazing. bee erdnase- soft and handle beautifully bees- perfect for doubles and second deals because of the lack of borders snm v5- because they're the best i've ever owned.
  10. mattklein

    Massa and Dr. Leon review? they have them in yellow as well.
  11. mattklein

    Decks from a thrift store!

    gotchya. yeah. ive had plastic decks that fan for two days then clump. but they are great for everything else. underwater poker included. but i was just wondering because i heard KEM were top notch. thanks!
  12. mattklein

    Decks from a thrift store!

    the KEM are plastic right? has it messed with how they fan at all?
  13. mattklein

    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    get dan and davve to judge a contest to make the next molecule cut. they win a free deck of snm?
  14. mattklein

    Massa and Dr. Leon review?

    so what would you say the problems with them are blake? and what makes you love them divided mind? im just tryin to get as much info as possible.
  15. mattklein

    Massa and Dr. Leon review?

    hey guys. im looking around for cards to buy and thought that Dr. Leon by Hiro Sakai look pretty nice but didnt know how they felt. the same with Massa. if anyone ould tell me anything about how these cards handle or if there is already a review it would be appreciated. thanks.
  16. mattklein

    Saturday Night Contest - Supernatural Roundtable

    what was the hardest thing about traveling and showing effects to other cultures? what was the most fun thing about it? what is the greatest thing you took away from the entire experience?
  17. mattklein

    You know you're a card artist when...

    when you tenkai your cell phone in class to hide it from teachers. when your wallet is made out of cards
  18. mattklein

    Saturday Night Contest - Heads (or Tails)

    tails heads heads heads tails
  19. mattklein

    Movie "Magic" and Our Magic

    heya everybody. whenever i watch a movie or tv show that uses special effects i find myself amazed that someone has the creativity and intelligence to create something that looks so convincing. even though everyone knows its tv and that it isnt real. people still applaud and give awards for...
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