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  1. Nicholas17

    I'll be the one to ask this the holiday wheel happening?

    This has become a really fun tradition. Just checking in to see if there is a start date, or if it's happening at all.
  2. Nicholas17

    Meeting Ira Glass

    I haven't posted on these forums in a long time, but I have a story I think some of you might appreciate. This past weekend, Ira Glass of This American Life came to do a show in my city. I'm a writer, and through some work connections, I was able to meet him at a VIP event before the show...
  3. Nicholas17

    Sleighg of Foot #2

    My post yesterday got me thinking of other creative ways to do "sleight of foot."
  4. Nicholas17

    Sleight of Foot
  5. Nicholas17

    Brainstorming for Instagram video (need a one-handed card vanish)

    I ocassionally like to post brief card moves or tricks on my Instagram account, but what I can do is limited by the fact that I have to hold my phone to film. I had an idea for a quick, fun video to post, but I need a way to make a card vanish with one hand (with or without the rest of the...
  6. Nicholas17

    I need to finally learn to false deal. What is the best resource?

    I've been off and on trying to learn how to false deal for years. Mainly bottom and seconds. I've gone for long periods of time of consistent practice but have never managed to make even the slightest progress for some reason. I have a few of Jason England's downloads, and all the classic books...
  7. Nicholas17

    Will we see the holiday wheel this year?

    That thing is so much fun. It's become part of my Christmas mindset.
  8. Nicholas17

    Mystery of the old deck: a bizarre question

    I need to get to the bottom of something that's been bothering me for a long time. I seriously got into learning magic with cards back around 2005. Since about that time, there has been a deck of blue, Rider Back playing cards in one of the drawers in the kitchen of my mom's house. I've...
  9. Nicholas17

    Perfect Faro Shuffle Questions

    I've finally gotten to the point where I feel like I can perform a perfect faro shuffle pretty easily and consistently. I bought a new pack of cards today, and thought I'd give the old "8 perfect faro shuffles" idea a try, so I performed 8 perfect faro shuffles but the deck wasn't back to the...
  10. Nicholas17

    Hot apartment and card collection concerns

    I just moved into a new apartment in an old 1930s duplex, neat building but no central air. I have a couple of window units that work great, but during the day when I'm gone, it gets pretty hot in there. My card collection is in a few shoe boxes in the closet, in no way near direct sunlight...
  11. Nicholas17

    Charity Water

    I guess this question is more directed at the Theory11 staff, or anyone in the know: I noticed the Charity Water decks are sold out, and I'm curious if this is a temporary thing, or if they are no longer being produced. I love this deck, and hope to see more of them in the store in the future!
  12. Nicholas17

    Pressure Fan and "Under Pressure" Question

    Although I consider myself to be intermediate with a deck of cards (I've been practicing sleight of hand with cards for around 10 years now), one thing I've always had trouble with it the pressure fan. Recently, I've become obsessed with attaining a nice looking "Under Pressure" flourish. I'll...
  13. Nicholas17

    Question about "clocking" a deck of cards

    Every once in a while, I remember, from years past, some weird card skill I either had or was aware of, that I at some point forgot about. The other day I was thinking about something I used to practice: clocking a deck of cards. For those who aren't aware, clocking a deck is essentially the...
  14. Nicholas17

    Banachek Lecture (Louisville)

    Hey guys, the three day festival of magic in Louisville is coming up soon. I think the only event I'm going to try to make is Banachek's lecture on Saturday. I just realized, that if any of you will be there, it would be a good opportunity to put some names and faces together. Anyway, seek me...
  15. Nicholas17

    I Dreamed an Effect

    Last night I dreamed of "remembering" an old, awesome card effect I used to know. It involved a hole cut out of a card, a rubber band, and a changing card underneath. In the dream, I was SO excited to re-add it to my repertoire. I vaguely remember waking up in the middle of the night and...
  16. Nicholas17

    Check out my new release - Coalesce

    My second trick just went up on the Wire. Here's the description: "Coalesce is based and expands on an old principle in card mentalism. Two participants are each invited to cut a small packet of cards off of a borrowed, shuffled deck. They each count their cards, combine the packets, shuffle...
  17. Nicholas17

    To Improve My Cull

    Before you think I'm referring to herding, or hunting to control the size of a population of animals, let me state that I'm referring to the card move. tell the truth, the cull is one of those moves where I can't really remember where I initially learned it. It was a while back, and...
  18. Nicholas17

    Beginner Cardistry Question

    I've been doing magic for a long time, and I would consider myself an intermediate to advanced performer when it comes to sleight of hand and misdirection. Over the past few years, as cardistry has turned into something bigger, I've tried on numerous occasions to practice and improve on my...
  19. Nicholas17

    An odd but relevant question concerning my novel

    I have a question unlike what is usually discussed on magic forums but relevant enough to be asked here. My main two outlets of creativity are magic (cardistry, sleight of hand, mentalism, etc...) and writing. Writing is the part of my life that usually doesn't make an appearance in this world...
  20. Nicholas17

    A little history about Legerdween

    This is a blog post I wrote about my Legerdween Project, mainly to reminisce my forever lost first video. I hope you guys enjoy it!
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