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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 awards

    Jason England Chris Kenner Mathieu Bich
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    Tommy Wonder articulated a better name - DIRECTION - (Although he probably wasn't the first to stumble across it). It was the idea that instead of trying to force someone to look away from a secret move or action, we should direct someone's attention toward an object of interest. Also, I went...
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    How do you practice?

    For my cabaret show - first I realise how I handle the prop, and if so how to improve my own handling of it. I practice each effect individually at first, then perform them in order (without patter, probably just muttering to myself). Then I try to improvise patter whilst I perform it (to...
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    Google Hangout - Aug 16th Thanks again
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    Google Hangout - Aug 16th

    Okay, thank you.
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    Google Hangout - Aug 16th

    Awesome, count me in. Will you post a link to the hangout?
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 live 08/11/13

    How did you all get into magic?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Race to the Finish

    Andrei: 24.56 OR JB: 26.58
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    Skype Jams / Google Hangout

    I'd be down for either, depending on the quantity of people...
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    That WTF moment

    I was performing on a small stage for a group of about 60-80 people. I was performing the 'Dot's next' or 'dubious domino' trick (whatever you know it as), and for those who know the secret will realise this mistake. As I was sliding one of the spots into position, it completely fell off the...
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    First Magic Experience You Remember - Share

    I suppose it was when my Dad used to pull coins and other items out of my ear when I was very young. To me it was so strange and magical - I don't know how much effect this had on me becoming a magician, but it may have come into play at some point.
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    Tiny Plunger Review+LIVE performance to 60 people

    I believe it's the right option with effects like tiny plunger. As it doesn't take away anything from the effect at all - by this I mean that it creates a sense of impossibleness (I don't know if that's is actually a word), and makes the audience think about the prop and then they realise that...
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    practicing on airplanes

    What I do is take cards that I wouldn't mind ruining/loosing. Although I only use standards anyway, they are a cheap option compared to all the jazzy decks nowadays and I'm sure you wouldn't mind loosing them as they only cost $2 a deck.
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    How to prove you're not a twin?

    I just had a brainwave. What about getting a spectator to lock a personal belonging inside a small safety device and using a four code combination to lock it with. Although there's a twist the spectator chooses the four code combination and locks it without telling you the code. Then, once you...
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    Is this new?

    Nearly all of the ambitious card routines I have seen other magicians do, consist on using a slight variation on that - it is very old and sadly, completely unoriginal.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Passing Through

    I was just trying to inform you. I used the word 'believe', which implies I am unsure - I wasn't saying straight up that it's MY effect. Goodness me, some people are just too impolite.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Passing Through

    Sorry but I already published this effect on the wire quite a while ago - I believe they use the same method.
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    Trouble Getting Creative

    Being creative for creatives sake defeats the point. I never try to create anything new, ideas just come to me oddly, and then I write them down. Sometimes I go months without an idea, and that's okay because I don't physically need to create something. I believe your trying to create...
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Card Throwing

    Here is my submission:
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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Artisans!

    Black: 2 of Hearts & 5 of Clubs. White: 6 of Spades & Jack of Diamonds.
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