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  1. Davis West

    Shadow Wallet Questions

    I'm seriously considering picking up the Shadow Wallet and selling my Razor Wallet, but I have a few questions for anyone that currently has the wallet. 1.) Is the peek function the same as the Razor wallet? 2.) Does the shadow wallet use one of those fake credit cards for the peek like in the...
  2. Davis West

    Need Routine Ideas!!!

    This Friday I'll be performing in a show at my college and I sadly haven't narrowed down my specific trick yet. The main reason I'm struggling is because of certain parameters we have. 1.) Everyone must be 6 feet apart at all times 2.) If a spectator touches something I touch, we both must be...
  3. Davis West

    Flap 2.0 Review

    I have been looking around and seeing some reviews here and there for Hondo Chen's "Flap 2.0". I wanted to post a detailed review. I bought this recently and have made a few successful flap cards since. I also own the original Flap download to make comparisons. It is important to say that you...
  4. Davis West

    Card Guard

    I’ve been starting to use decks that are thinner, the Penguin Elite Deck. The card guard that I originally bought doesn’t compress these thinner cards enough and they just rattle in the box. Can anyone recommend a card clip they use that works for these types of cards?
  5. Davis West

    Looking for a Double Faced Deck

    I’ve been looking for a specific double faced deck that on a one side has a mixed up deck, but when flipped over the deck turns back to new deck order. I believe this was discussed in Joshua Jay’s “Unreal”. Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. Davis West

    Throw Streamers

    I've been interesting in adding white throw streamers into my act. Which one would you recommend?
  7. Davis West

    Zandman Book Test - What to Expect?

    I have considered purchasing the Zandman Book Test. I just have a few questions. They say that the book can be examined, but does it mean that it's gimmicked? Is it similar in any way to the MOABT principle or the same principle used in the Glance Magazine Test? Can the spectator also read any...
  8. Davis West

    Where to Buy Newspaper?

    I have a current obsession with the torn and restored newspaper. My only issue is finding lots of duplicate newspapers. To all those magicians who perform this trick on a regular basis, where do you find so many duplicate papers to perform?
  9. Davis West

    LIT Matchbooks

    i just revived my copy of LIT and the quality is amazing. I can’t wait to start performing this! Before I do I need the right matchbooks. Could anyone provide a link or a new for the best matchbooks for this trick! Thanks
  10. Davis West

    Magic for Keys

    I got my license recently and now I'm carrying my car keys everywhere I go. I've realized that adding magic to my keys can make it so I'm never caught in a situation without magic. I'm already thinking of getting "Departure" so my question is... What are some strong magic effects that can be...
  11. Davis West

    Psypher 2.0 Wallet

    I'm currently using the wallet method from Psypher. I love the wallet that is provided with the DVD. Does anyone know where I can get more of those exact wallets?
  12. Davis West

    Please Help With Answering Question!

    I have started to build up an act to music. I'm trying to come up with some quick tricks to do. So I would love to hear some feedback to this question: You're sitting at your school desk and you have the suspicious feeling that you have acquired MAGICAL POWERS. What do you do to test your...
  13. Davis West

    New Review Show

    I've made a new magic review show. There are two episodes and I made sure to review items that aren't commonly on other review shows that deserve recognition. This is the most recent one.
  14. Davis West

    Metal Bending: Corkscrew Trouble

    I recently acquired Morgan Strebler's "Liquid Metal" and I love it so far. It's a great routine that I could see myself doing. I already got some forks and experimented with the routine and the forks really bend well. There's only one problem, I can't do the corkscrew. I've tried as hard as I...
  15. Davis West

    Promposal Magic

    I'm currently a freshman and I love to try and come up with great routines. One of my large interests is asking someone to prom with magic. I want to make sure I'm ready to give the best promposal by the time I'm a junior. Here are my ideas: 1.) Floating Rose and end with Dresscode and my...
  16. Davis West

    Pick Pocketing

    I've started to get into pick pocketing just recently. I've always been entertained by people like Bob Arno and Apollo Robbins for a long time and I've always felt that that kind of entertainment is something I want to pursue. So I'm looking for some advice on a few things... 1.) What are the...
  17. Davis West


    I had the cool idea of just blowing on the cards using the decoy gimmick. If you blow hard enough the gimmick actually shrinks! What things have you guys come up with?
  18. Davis West

    Multiple Use Gimmicks

    I'm really tired of magic tricks that involve using gimmicks. The problem is that some tricks have you ruin a card EVERY TIME you perform the effect. What are some good card effects that have gimmicks that can be used multiple times?
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