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  1. nikhilg


    WOW man i really liked it. looks better than that one move that orbitborwn had. Also I like how u dont like upload vids. like every other day and dont put any practice. Grea t job and i am waiting for more!
  2. nikhilg


    All of the three tricks were stunnin however i refered the second and third one. these ones genuinellly fooled me. i am willing to be patient cause i really want to lear them..
  3. nikhilg


    yeah man i agree, when i see somebody like "comment rate, and subscribe", i kinda of tell hes not that good, but this was a pleasant surprise
  4. nikhilg

    Swing Control

    hi i was wondering if there were any controls published where you could loose a card in the deck and give a few SWING cuts- controlling it to the top.
  5. nikhilg

    move in tivo

    whatever thanks
  6. nikhilg

    Saturday Night Contest - DG.LIVE - Symphony Questions

    DG IT seems to mee that you are one of the most creative minds in Magic. What do you think separates you from the rest when it comes to creativity? (permission to brag).
  7. nikhilg

    yeah i guess but im not a startin magician ive been in magic for 3 years but i have just been...

    yeah i guess but im not a startin magician ive been in magic for 3 years but i have just been working on creating material and i just write down every GOOD effect in a little notebook.
  8. nikhilg

    Fork in the Road

    Hey there i am in a bit of trouble. I really want to pursue magic as a proffesion but i am not sure the steps to take. Should I just start like getting a gig and working from there. If so what age is good ? I just don't know what to do in order to accomplish my goal. If any help can be...
  9. nikhilg

    Sleightly Magical

    hey guys i have a quick question for those who own that PDF or book. How do they make the PDF like all cool. How do they make the background like that and the pictures and the layout in general??? is there like a special program i could buy?? thanks
  10. nikhilg

    Disturb Reality

    has anybody ordered anything from can anybody tell me the quality or anything about the site. I have found the site and i am considering buying both of their products
  11. nikhilg

    theory11 SNC :: roundtable discussion - Dan Sperry

    gypsy 1- what do u think about the internet/ youtube and its effect on magic 2- What other hobbies/interests do u have 3- Do u use material from other artists?
  12. nikhilg

    5 months

    team awesome ok thanks guys and im jelous of team awesome.
  13. nikhilg

    5 months

    thanks a lot guys but i have a wuestion that i hope soesnt permanently change the subject of this thread, but what is team awesome or whatever?
  14. nikhilg

    5 months

    i am using my friends account so tell me what u think of my first video. i have been doing magic for about 5 months. i will prbably make my own account when i have time. thannks.
  15. nikhilg

    Clipshift Question

    thanks a lot that really helped
  16. nikhilg

    Clipshift Question

    I just had a quick question. I have a good clipshift, but the prob. is the sound. My hands are very small (not to give excuses) and I was wondering if this is what was hindering the sound on the clipshift. I am basically asking is the sound because i have small hands or because i haven't just...
  17. nikhilg

    1 minute

    I basically challenged my self to come up with a trick in one minute and just upload the first take. it actually turned out okay
  18. nikhilg

    Effect Idea

    i just combined two sick effects and varried it a little
  19. nikhilg


    i was really going to just do the clipshift and display the card already between the kings or jacks or whatever but i got too carried away with the visuality.
  20. nikhilg


    is there any feedback on my effect because i understand what both are saying but can u give me additional comments
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