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  1. ramosynthesis

    X-Finger by Geoff Webber

    Has anybody used this effect? I was looking at E and found it. It looks too good to be true, anybody recommend it? Any comments? I think I want to get it. Thanks! :D
  2. ramosynthesis

    Clutch by Oz Pearlman

    Hey guys, I really want to get this trick, does anybody have it? Is it worth it? Looks like a really good little impromptu effect. :) Thanks! :D
  3. ramosynthesis

    Which trick should I get?

    What's up guys? Well, I was looking around this site, E and Penguin for a good trick and unfortunately found too many :D Christmas is coming and I thought I'd ask for a DVD or something. So I have narrowed it down to six tricks. I like them all about the same. So which one should I get...
  4. ramosynthesis

    In the Beginning there were Coins... Any good?

    Hey guys, I've been recently attracted to coin magic for some reason and I'd like to know if this DVD by Jay Noblezada is any good? The reviews in PM look really good but I thought I'd ask here as well. Thanks! :D
  5. ramosynthesis

    What's a good card magic DVD in the UK?

    Hey guys, does anybody know of a good card magic DVD that would be great for a beginner? You know, that teaches moves such as the double lift, the pass, some transpo tricks and stuff or even ambitious card. And it needs to be sold in the UK. This is cause I'm trying to get a friend of mine...
  6. ramosynthesis

    Are T11 Custom Decks Thick?

    Hey guys, title says it all. I've had a variety of custom decks from Ellusionist and even though they look sick, I prefer using normal Bicycle cards for magic because they are nice and thin. My question is, are the custom cards from Theory11 (Centurions/Guardians/DDLions) thick as well? Cause if...
  7. ramosynthesis

    The Types of Spectators

    Hey guys, first of all I'm new here so hello everybody, looking forward to giving/getting lots of help. ;) Now, this thread is to discuss the different types of spectators or more clearly, the different kinds of personalities that spectators show when in a performance out there. I'm talking...
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