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  1. Corey

    Magic an art?

    O.K. so my job at work is to sell cellphones... I do walkaround shows on the side. Selling cellphones takes skill, but it's hardly an art. If you are going to say magic is an art by referring to what Joe said in his dvd then you'r on the right track. As a salesman, you do not have to...
  2. Corey

    Bicycle Pro's!

    I use these cards, they don't look good in a fan with the faces showing, you can't really see any colour. They are origionally made for poker players because of their poker peek style. I buy them because they are being taken off the market and they go for a dollar a pack. Feel is good though...
  3. Corey

    Didn't even Know it was my birthday... Thanks... I'll have a "great day" today, to make up for...

    Didn't even Know it was my birthday... Thanks... I'll have a "great day" today, to make up for not having one on the 14th.
  4. Corey

    LOL... Thanks!

    LOL... Thanks!
  5. Corey

    I WILL remember that. Thanks :)

    I WILL remember that. Thanks :)
  6. Corey

    Thanks, I hadn't really taken any time for myself recently to even realize it was my birthday...

    Thanks, I hadn't really taken any time for myself recently to even realize it was my birthday yesterday.
  7. Corey

    Daniel Garcia Project

    Definately worth it, there's more than enough content on each disk at the price it's sold for. I think it's one of my more valued purchases.
  8. Corey

    Major Problem!

    O.K. So I've been following along with this thread since yesterday. First, I would like to say good luck to the guy who started the thread(jackofclubs I think). Second I would like to say that children will not sit still to an hour and a half show that has not had enough time put into it...
  9. Corey

    Has it become a fad...?

    I go through a lot of decks, but only when I perform, and when I perform, I go through at least one, or two, sometimes three if I'm unlucky. But I find, if you mangle a card, or deck for an effect, then you get a better reaction, and if you are making the money to cover it, then it is...
  10. Corey


    Just went through a pack in under an hour... Then bought 3 to replace it, I've done this several times before... actually, everytime I ruin a pack... I have a closet packed with cards, most opened and used once... I'm too lazy to count right now, maybe later, once I get some more cards from the...
  11. Corey

    Prophet with Canadian money

    allright, got it, same size bills, extra careful, no problem, got it guys. Thanks
  12. Corey

    Prophet with Canadian money

    O.K. guys, so I've thought about buying prophet.... But, I can't seem to get around something. I am Canadian, our money is colored. So my question for you guys is, will our coloured money pose a problem with the trick, and prevent me with being open with the bills? If I'm crossing over the...
  13. Corey

    How, When and Why?

    Well, I used to watch mindfreak alot, about 2 to 3 years ago, with my girlfriend... Eventually my girlfriend got me interested in magic, by convincing me to look for some on the net with her.... Well sadly, she fell out of it after about 2 weeks... About a month later, I fell out for about a...
  14. Corey


    First of all, this effect looks sick! But, one question... Is it possible to make it bleed from both sides of you'r hand? To give the illusion of a hole going through your hand? Thanks.
  15. Corey

    Anybody else dislike gimmicks?

    Well first of all, I like gimmicks, they make a good opener or closer, so people can really remember you. Second, I do make my own, so I get more pleasure out of performing it. Third, if some of you guys stop to think about it... With you'r MAD SKILLS and AMAZING PATTER, don't you think you...
  16. Corey

    Card in Mouth Color Change

    I agree, just take, for example, the ability to show them their card, in an ACR, hand it to them, have them put it in the middle, then it appear on top, with nothing but misdirection, and maybe some skill, but mostly patter, and misdirection. But if this effect is done right, with the proper...
  17. Corey

    When Does One Become a Magician?

    the english definition was written by a layman that knew what a magician does, not who he/she is All magicians are different, but they all have one purpose, to use their skill(dictionary definition") to amaze someone, teach someone, or make money off someone. The truth is... the dictionary...
  18. Corey

    Advertising Your Magic?

    I'm actually trained as an advertisement artist, and animation artist, but I'm mostly stirring about where to place these advertisements, cheaply, remember, I can't spend a lot of money due to the fact that I make next to none, and I have bills to pay.
  19. Corey

    Audience under control

    try different patter, "i said look i made the card switch" kind of tells them to turn the card over. With my 2cm I make ita game, because that's what the real 3 card monte was... But if you say the right things, they won't turn the card over, they won't essentially ruin the trick. Practice...
  20. Corey

    Advertising Your Magic?

    Thanks Rasmus, I understand what you're saying about advertising and some smaller, more frequent acts at restraunts, but just where should I be advertising, for say a small postr or something that I can just post up around town? I know putting it in a good public spot is right, but is there...
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