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  1. Haunter

    Weak minded people. What to do?

    I think you've got some strong answers to the underlying problem already. I'd add having them sign the card when practical is a nice insurance policy and does double duty in that it also can get them more emotionally involved in the effect.
  2. Haunter

    Saturday Night Contest - My Marked Card

    BAH! 2 of clubs?
  3. Haunter

    Black Friday Extravaganza!

    You guys don't disappoint. I just wish I had set aside more money to spend. I could only afford 4 decks this time around. 25% off is insane. Thanks again guys, you deserve every dollar you get.
  4. Haunter

    A little petition

    I was just thinking the same thing. Definitely would be a good idea. It would at least keep things more organized and keep the other sections of the forums the way they were.
  5. Haunter

    Saturday Night - Roundtable with Michael Herp

    I mean, haters gonna hate and all but seriously. Kinda irks me when people only join or post for the contests anyway let alone someone wins for an ineligible post.
  6. Haunter

    Ambitious card routine

    Nick I sent you a pm check it out.
  7. Haunter

    Saturday Night - Roundtable with Michael Herp

    What do you love about flourishing and what do you hate about it?
  8. Haunter

    Intensity by Alex Geiser

    Yeah I was kinda sore to not see Chris Kenner's name or his routine mentioned at all in the info or preview. Maybe it actually is mentioned in the credits of the download or something?
  9. Haunter

    Two Card Monte Questions

    That is probably a big part of why you are struggling so much then. 99% of the tutorials on youtube are garbage and they might tell you the secret but as you are finding out there are all these finer points along the way that aren't being addressed. It's kind of the equivalent of watching a...
  10. Haunter

    Two Card Monte Questions

    Where did you learn 2CM from to begin with?
  11. Haunter

    loops greatest gimmick

    You should check out this thread Mat La Vore made an excellent video on how to tie, store and carry your own loops. Super helpful. For free. Then you just have to worry about buying your own IET to use.
  12. Haunter

    Saturday Night Contest - Pieces of Silver

    Thought I would go a completely different route with this. No sleights, no stooges, no switches, etc. Hope you guys enjoy. The angle is crap but I only had one chance to shoot this under this time frame and no one to hold the camera so I had to set...
  13. Haunter

    Two Card Monte Questions

    No worries :) I'll try to help you out with your questions when I have a bit more time if no one else jumps in.
  14. Haunter

    White Lions Deck

    The split spades are pretty amazing those probably would be as well. Too bad I am woefully broke.
  15. Haunter

    Two Card Monte Questions

    Hey Revulsion first, welcome! Second, this forum has rules about exposing the methods of effects. You're giving a big portion of the effect away in how you ask questions about it. Granted every magician and their mom knows 2CM, exposure is exposure. I know it can be tricky but you can usually...
  16. Haunter

    People are addicted to cards now?

    I think an aspect that hasn't really been addressed yet is that when you get your hands on any of these decks and they go out of print the resell value of the deck increases. Sometimes drastically. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it because yeah, the company might sell all their units right...
  17. Haunter

    Ellusionist or Theory11?

    Aye there be dark magic afoot here lads. The angels avert their eyes and your very soul recoils in horror in the presence of the art whose name even the bravest struggle to utter...necromancy.
  18. Haunter

    Does theory11 ever have sales?

    Hahahahahaha oh man that'd be an amazing surprise.
  19. Haunter

    Some live magic for ya

    I liked it man. I agree with slowing it down and interacting more. You guys both had some effects with in-spectator's-hand phases so you are certainly on the right track as far as interacting goes. I don't personally think the maturity thing is that big of a deal considering the setting...
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