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    What is your favorite four card assembly?

    John Guastaferro
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    problem with One hand popover by Aaron Fisher

    I've been trying to do the same, however the reason why I think it's not working for me is because at the end you in fact are using the ring finger to lift the card, at least from the middle of the move to the final position. It's minimum.
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    problem with One hand popover by Aaron Fisher

    Problem is, i don't understand well when Aaron Fisher says extend your finger cause in the video the finger doesn't even move.
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    problem with One hand popover by Aaron Fisher

    Hello guys,I'm having trouble with this great move by Mr. Fisher but I've watched his tutorial about ten times and still can't get the idea of "extending his second finger" to set free the card. I know english is not my native language but I never had any problem with magic tutorials. If...
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    Up the ladder shuffle tips

    This is a weird question but after seeing how fast you do it would you say this is a reliable shuffle? I've been practicing this for a long time and I can't get it right 100% of the times when retaining full deck order. Thanks.
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    Who do you think is the best magic teacher today?

    No specific order - Daryl - Michael Ammar - Jay Sankey - Oz Pearlman, Born to perform Card Magic! - Wayne Houchin - Paul Wilson - Jason England (his Pinky Count, bottom deal and the Classic Pass videos are masterpieces) And many many more, however none of them is better than a good magic...
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    Pick a Card, and any other patter you avoid

    I always try to avoid putting the card into the deck, for me it's to let the spectator do it and later I do double undercut or whatever I need. With the "pick a card" I don't have any problem and never had, however I tend also to avoid saying I have an ordinary deck or that kind of things, some...
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    My Issues with the Classic Pass

    Jay Sankey and Jason England have really good videos to learn the classic pass. Alex Pandrea also has great material on passes.
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