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  1. Aron Prins

    how do you do the thumb fan

    I know this is an old thread but perhaps it helps someone: there are some great tutorials on CARDISTRY.VIDEO :)
  2. Aron Prins

    Live Interviews 2011

    We've re-launched ToolNard!
  3. Aron Prins

    Modern Manipulator

    We've just re-launched ModernManipulator ;) Let us know what you think!
  4. Aron Prins


    It will be epic... Trust me... It will :)
  5. Aron Prins


    Wow this is news! Why did their YT account get suspended? About the VB v3 :
  6. Aron Prins

    BUMP - We have a contest coming up soon involving v6/whitelions/signeddbcard ! You won't want to miss this :)
  7. Aron Prins

    First off thanks to TheoryGV for posting this topic! Ive created this site specially for magicians and cardists to buy and sell their apperatus, creating a central place instead of multiple sites. The direct link is I hope to see you there! Regards, Aron
  8. Aron Prins

    Buck Twins / B.J. Novak?

    It's you...
  9. Aron Prins

    Justin Miller's Website

    Everyone/JM, Well, we're three years later... 3 girlfriends and 2000 decks of cards and im back on track! Soon i'll start working on JM's new site which should release within 1/2 months from now :) Just a little update ;) Regards, Aron
  10. Aron Prins

    Question - Joe Porper Card Clip

    Hey Alex, Congrats on the clip, you won't regret it! How do you get 56 cards, you don't remove the ad cards? To my knowledge, the clip is made for 54+box. If it doesnt fit easely, try to bend the flaps outward a little bit; don't worry it wont break! This way you can loosen it a little bit...
  11. Aron Prins

    Aspire to Inspire: Michael Matthews Story

    What an amazing story. All comments above are true, and i tottally agree with them. I was hospitilized myself, and without a a doubt it was magic that got my through. Seeing all the children's faces when they saw the spongeball appear in their hand... THats magic! Take care! Aron Prins
  12. Aron Prins

    Twitter Follow Me Thread

    @aronprins cheers, aron
  13. Aron Prins

    MySpace For Magicians / Flourishers

    thats my sole purpose for this thing ;) hope to get some more replies like this, and just launch it.... we'll see ;) cheers, aron
  14. Aron Prins

    MySpace For Magicians / Flourishers

    too bad that this is not promoted more then... something im missing online, and still when seeing the links posted of existing ones, that doesnt give me the community feel. my site would have been non-profit, just for fun and for the community. if people want to, ill continue development on...
  15. Aron Prins

    MySpace For Magicians / Flourishers

    that is possible! for sho. when its up, just make a group named Coin Magicians ( for example ) and let people join it. every group will have its own special forum, which can be moderated by the group owner. added to this post a little screen-grab ;) cheers, aron
  16. Aron Prins

    MySpace For Magicians / Flourishers

    Since i'm in the process of developing right now, what features would you like to see on this community website? cheers, Aron
  17. Aron Prins

    MySpace For Magicians / Flourishers

    there are couple more projects im working on, which will later be added as a part of the social networking idea, if it hits and attracts people of course ;)... so there will be more ;) cheers, aron
  18. Aron Prins

    MySpace For Magicians / Flourishers

    Hey all, I'm thinking about a few concepts i'd like to launch, one of them is a community website like myspace, but just for magicians! Would YOU be interested in this, and taking part of it? Vote in the poll above thanks! cheers, Aron
  19. Aron Prins

    i sure do! i rock :P no really ehmm, its been almost 3 yrs ago since i showed JM switch3, and...

    i sure do! i rock :P no really ehmm, its been almost 3 yrs ago since i showed JM switch3, and that got him to autograph, and now switch3 is out at ;) cheers, Aron
  20. Aron Prins

    Switch3 V.O.D.

    wait with that bro ;) wait and see! cheers, Aron
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