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    Saturday Night Contest - You Don't Know JAQK!

    Guess 1: 1. Rick Lax 2. Larry Fong 3. Jonathan Bayme 4. Dan Sperry 5. Robert Smith 6. Christen Gerhart 7. Andrei Jikh 8. Patrick Kun 9. Calen Morelli 10. Jason England 11. Dan White 12 Blake Vogt 13. Michael James 14. Steve Cohen 15. Justin “Kredible” Willman Guess 2: 1. Christen Gerhart 2...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Fake Magic Exposure!

    Here's my entry that's new... My last one was one I entered in a previous SNC but I posted it anyway so here's a new on for you:
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    Saturday Night Contest - Fake Magic Exposure!

    Don't know if this counts because it was uploaded a while ago, but enjoy
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    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    Top: Eight of hearts Bottom: jack of clubs
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - All About The Wire

    What stopped the wire from coming out earlier (not that I'm at all disappointed/mad with the timing)?
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    Saturday Night - Roundtable with Michael Herp

    How old were you when you started cardistery? Who is your greatest inspiration? Do you ever do magic?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Match 'Em Up!

    1. Mike Hankins 2. Blake Vogt 3. Calen Morelli 4. Chris Mayhew 5. Eric Ross 6. Alex Geiser 7. Andrei Jikh 8. B. Smith 9. Dan White
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    Smoke by Alan Rorrison "Revealed"

    Hey guys, I don't know if you remember, but a while back T11 had a contest for the best fake tutorial for a trick. While my video didn't win, I just wanted to post it here for those who missed out last time. Alan even commented and said it was hilarious :)! And, its my most viewed video...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Fake Exposure

    This is from the other one in Dec, but I'll post it just for the heck of it. Enjoy
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    New release tonight...

    IMO they look ugly, I'm sure they handle beautifully though. Hmm, I don't know, might pick some up.
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Luis de Matos (posted)

    How did you spread the word about EMC and get other magicians to know about it? Who inspired you to be a magician? When did you start performing?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable : Blake Vogt!

    Which/whos ideas did you base the method on? Who was your favorite magician growing up?
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

    I think if you log into facebook then it should work
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

    Mine was posted at exactly 11:00 pm eastern time, so it counts right? I edited thepost a minute after but its still legit right?
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design right on time in case you were wondering, the demon represents a heckler.
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    XCM = Cardistry?

    Thanks for the replys.... Has anybody read this? or this ?
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    XCM = Cardistry?

    Hey guys, As I'm sure you all know, this website (btw I'm NOT trying to say anything bad about t11) calls what most people call XCM "Cardistery". Does anybody know why? According to De'Vo, cardistery is cheating and it is really XCM. Anyone else wondering?
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    Artifact Coins

    That's what I was thinking
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    Saturday Night Contest - Match That Deck!

    1. A League - 1893 2. D Pneumatic No. 1 - 1894 3. B Bee 203 4. G New Fan - 1894 5. F Motor No 1 - 1901 6. E Cyclist - 1898 7. C Bee 200
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