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    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    King and Ace white Monachs jack queen and joker standard.
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    I have Inside which is a cut back version of anthology as I am aware. Inside is brilliant so I would recommend Anthology. He has some great stuff. Buy the book from his website!!
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    Paint the Roses Red - Lewis Le' Val

    Harmony alone is enough to purchase this DVD. It really is worth it for that one effect. I have performed that one trick now for about 6 different groups since getting the DVD yesterday, and everytime have had fantastic reactions. Plus it is super easy to do! This is going straight in my gig on...
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - All About The Wire

    What is going to happen to the compatibilty issues with the wire. As trying various computers over the UK, theory11 struggles to open and features longer loading times than other such similar sites. With these issues, are we going to see them increase so to keep a higher user base?
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    What do you do when a heckler does this?

    I had something similar at the beggining of the year. Some bloke was trying all night to chat up this girl in my local pub, she was having none of it from him, later on that night we had a lock in where she came up to me and said i heard you are a magician, show me a trick. Well of course i...
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    French Kiss LIVE

    Nice job! One of the hardest things in magic is to approach someone and show them a trick and you showed that you are full of confidence in this video. keep it up. There is a couple things i would like to comment on and hope you can find something in these suggestions. The video has two...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    1. Red: 4 spades White: Jack hearts Blue: ace spades 2. Red: 6 Hearts White: 10 spades Blue: 7 Clubs 3. Red: 9 Spades White: King spades Blue: 3 Hearts
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    Saturday Night Contest - 'Your' Guardian Flourish

    My entry Only variation is on how the second card pack spins around and was inspired by Dan and Dave Cheers + Lethal extension just to keep in the Daniel Madison theme.
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    Saturday Night Contest - 'Your' Guardian Flourish

    Loving that its an englishman doing the SNC and its been given 24hours to complete, because lets face it us english are all quite drunk now at, even though my taxi driver told me im the most sober person he has picked up tonight, i am so not sober enough for this!
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Luis de Matos (posted)

    On my first paid gig, there was a bloke at the second table i went to who gave me such a great complement and boost. This complement made me feel so good about the magic i do and whenever i feel something isnt going right, i just think back to this one bloke, his amazing moustache and his...
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

    Heres a canvas art i made earlier using cards and finished tonight. I made it into a video as i thought it would be easier. Cheers!
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    Vibrator Device

    Have You seen Electric touch by yigal mesika? it might be what you are after i dunno, bit pricey so you have to make sure its going to be used.
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    Fire Magic

    As a routine i perform scorched by daniel garcia, its off either vol 4 or 5 cant remember, but that leads me perfect into Burn. Recently got warning by Kostya and this is a great fire effect using a lighter that looks perfect. So when i do my fire set these are the 3 tricks that really work well...
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    Killer Effects At My Restaurant

    I usually perform scorch from the daniel garcia project as most restaurants have candles, and then it leads on to burn by daniel madison very nicely. I have had great reactions from this and i usually explain 'that is how i burn the back of a card, now i'll show you how i burn the front'. Works...
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    Hypnosis is very easy if you believe in yourself. Family members are a lot harder as they know you from when you were not a hypnotist, so they can convince themselves it wont work. First thing make sure you know the laws and loop holes, in england it is very easy to get around the laws. Also...
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    Magic for a Celebrity

    I did a 2 hour set for one large table (11 people) that hired me in january. They were having a meal so i used this to my advantage. I did 1 hour before they ate and the other hour afterwards. In this i did about 8 tricks, everyone seemed to be very happy, i had a great time, i got to know them...
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    Why I Arrive Early to a Gig (and you should too)

    When im doing table magic, i turn up about 20 mins early. I have everything prearranged with management and meet them before to show my skills, i go straight in, sign in and start performing right away. i feel that usually the venue is pretty quiet and so i get the early birds who are waiting...
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    A Question to All Mentalists...

    I memorize 2 decks a day as practice for memory skills, i learnt how to do this on monday and wednesday night down the pub someone asked me to try it out, they shuffled the deck and i told them to give me a bit of time to remember it. that took 20 mins to have the whole deck stuck in my head and...
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    UK shipping tax

    I've ordered from theory 11, live on the south coast and havent been charged any import tax yet so you should be safe. Marcus
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