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  1. Geraint2k2

    5 Steps To Get A Job In Magic

    That's a really interesting journey. Performing at age 8? Wow. I was building dens and playing rugby. How did you get the confidence to start so young?
  2. Geraint2k2

    5 Steps To Get A Job In Magic

    Full Blog Post : Thanks for reading. Would love to hear your thoughts. @Geraint_Clarke
  3. Geraint2k2

    5 rules every close-up magician MUST break

    FULL POST : If becoming a close-up magician was as easy as following the rules laid down by the industry over the last few decades, then why aren’t all magicians created equal? Herein, lies 5 rules I believe every close-up...
  4. Geraint2k2

    NON-TOXIC With non British Phone Numbers

    Hey man. It will work with ANY number. Enjoy :)
  5. Geraint2k2

    Saturday Night Contest - Game of BlackJAQK

    jack of diamonds, 5 of clubs, 6 of spades.
  6. Geraint2k2

    What do you do outside of magic?

    Wow, great idea for a thread. Some really interesting back stories to a lot of you guys. // G
  7. Geraint2k2

    Vichy - Tutorial//Card flourish

    Enjoyed learning this. Great job.
  8. Geraint2k2

    Moonshine Playing Cards

    You make a good point Rick, but custom decks tend to suit peoples styles. If you were doing a parlour show, or themed card cheating demonstration, then this back design would compliment your aesthetic I suppose. Obviously as a working pro, you know what suits your style and is functional for...
  9. Geraint2k2

    Moonshine Playing Cards

    The King of Diamonds in this deck has an attack power of over 9,000.
  10. Geraint2k2

    Moonshine Playing Cards

    What are your thoughts on these new cards from ?
  11. Geraint2k2

    List of mobile phone and ipod magic on the Wire

    I was going to upload mine, then a company bought the distribution rights to the effect, as they want the exclusive on it. I'll support the wire as much as I can over the summer, by filming and uploading some free contributions from my brainbox over the next few weeks.
  12. Geraint2k2

    Arguing With Spectators

    Here's some advice, as I've been both a performing magician and nightclub doorman/bouncer. Fighting is never the answer, and if he swore at you, and you hit him, then you're the aggressor. It's the actions of a bully. It's also GBH with intent, which can carry a prison sentence for repeat...
  13. Geraint2k2

    Dan and Dave Card Across Flourishe

    The flourishy double turnover is called Floop by Simon Lovell, and it's a Revolution cut ( by Brian Tudor ) to get that selection in the middle. Hope that helped.
  14. Geraint2k2

    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    King and Joker. Good luck to me .... and everyone... but mainly me, because I want them :)
  15. Geraint2k2

    Phone number card trick. Any ideas?

    I have an effect called non-toxic where they call a random number calculated, and your phone starts to ring. (new add a number method) I've used it a few times socially where they call a friends number within the group, and i've done a lot of research in how to make it fly by them, without...
  16. Geraint2k2

    List of mobile phone and ipod magic on the Wire

    I'm submitting a new mobile effect tonight. Asher is right. You ain't seen nothing yet ;)
  17. Geraint2k2

    Saturday Night Contest - Who is Insane?

    It's Objective Productions genius Andy Nyman. Can't wait to see what he has on offer. Whether I have to pay for it or not.
  18. Geraint2k2

    Satellite Colour Change - Ben Prime

    The Satellite Change is a debut colour change by Ben Prime. Overview : A dazzling colour change that is as free-flowing as water. One card instantly transforms into another without any or little cover, jerking and all in one hand resulting in a heart stopping moment of unbridled eye candy...
  19. Geraint2k2

    Change of Performance Style

    I've been out filming this weekend. Filming a flourish video and some new magic for the wire. Getting a nice live performance was a must, but when out there. I realised I wasn't as entertaining as I thought I was. I've lost my natural performance style, and watching the footage back. I...
  20. Geraint2k2

    Thank You theory11 Team

    I agree, The best thing about this site is the informality of things. I've submitted a support ticket recently and both Lyle and JB made it all like working with a mate, rather than people running a company. I can't imagine the amount of nonsense they have to deal with, but William, I...
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