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  1. Pav

    Saturday Night Contest - Revolution Kept things simple!
  2. Pav


    Appreciate the words, glad you liked it. Had a friend suggest some music for this one, a bit out of my usual tastes.
  3. Pav


    Been a while since I posted a video here, so here's a short video I made! Feedback is always cool, hope somebody digs it.
  4. Pav

    Saturday Night Contest - Your Card Collection!

    Howdy! Haven't checked in on the forums in a while, figured I'd drop a line and contribute something.
  5. Pav

    How come majority of cardists don't use Ellusionist decks for flourishing?

    Beg to differ friend, Franky's one of the most passionate cardists I've ever come across. Fontaine Cards also deserves some credit for keeping the community excited, something that both Theory 11 and Ellusionist are currently failing at. The increase of commercialism and the lack of stylistic...
  6. Pav

    Spinning Prisms

    Yep, the only way to learn Prism 1-5 is from Andrew Avila himself. Quite a creative beast!
  7. Pav

    Best Cardistry Camera

    I use a Canon T3i with a 12-25mm lens in my videos. Good lighting and a good lens are the most important things when filming. I prefer natural lighting, but I used the flashlight function on my iPhone as lighting for that 15 second video.
  8. Pav

    Finding your place in the art of magic/cardistry.

    Interesting question. I'd say finding where you belong in the community/art is largely a personal journey. I'm a card flourisher these days, but I started out as a magician. I never could have predicted where my focuses and passions would stray. I would have loved to become a magician, but I'm...
  9. Pav

    Saturday Night Contest - Cardist Combat!
  10. Pav

    Yo Card Flourish

    I believe you can find Yo in Lee Asher's "Sex Sells" lecture notes.
  11. Pav

    Quitting Cardistry To Do Magic....

    I'd say it depends on what kind of performer you want to come across as. I could mechanically perform "magic tricks" and present them in a very non-magical manner. The varying performance styles bring out different emotions from people. Not to say one is superior to the other, both are equally...
  12. Pav

    Dropzone Flourish Dan & Dave

    Dropzone was a bonus cut on the Papercuts DVD, I'm not sure if it was included on the app download though. Definitely possible, bonus content may be DVD exclusive. Sorry man, you might be outta luck on this one.
  13. Pav

    Best Playing Cards For Packet Cuts?

    If you're more concerned with packet stuff, I would highly recommend looking into Legends decks or Wynn decks. Both are fantastic, long-lasting decks. My personal favorites in terms of handling and durability in fact. The newest version of the NOCs also feel amazing, definitely great for packet...
  14. Pav

    Saturday Night Contest - 15 Seconds or Less

    Awesome, I really appreciate that. Had a lot of fun watching some of the other entries as well. Thanks so much! :)
  15. Pav

    Saturday Night Contest - 15 Seconds or Less

    Figured I'd put something together, always liked this sort of challenge. :)
  16. Pav

    Saturday Night Contest - Into the Wind

    Definitely a well deserved victory, fantastic work man.
  17. Pav

    Saturday Night Contest - Into the Wind

    I've seen some kickass shots in here, figured I'd give it a try myself. :)
  18. Pav

    What is difference between cardistry and xcm?

    As mentioned above, XCM and Cardistry refer to the same physical activity. But from what I can tell, there are definitely some stylistic differences between XCM and Cardistry in terms of how the community perceives them and what content generally defines the two styles. The XCM "feel"...
  19. Pav

    Dribble Fan

    Wow, I apologize. I don't know why I pointed you towards the riffle fan, that was really oblivious of me. The dribble fan is a different story, I don't know if it's even been taught anywhere. However, if you can do the riffle fan, then you can basically already do the dribble fan. They use the...
  20. Pav

    Dribble Fan

    Hey man, you're on the right site. Dimitri Arleri's DVD Monument has the Riffle Fan on it, sold here at Theory 11.
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