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  1. Stu-pendous

    What are some good verbal forces other than just elimination?

    I'm guessing by elimination you would be meaning magicians choice? Imagine a deck red or black cards ok lets get rid of them, until you get to the card you want to force yeah?
  2. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Use the Force

    Thank you so much, this was a really fun one, with heaps of great entry's. Merry Christmas T11 team and everyone!
  3. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Use the Force

    Good luck everyone and happy holidays!
  4. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Use the Force

    Here's my entry! Enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming it.
  5. Stu-pendous

    Tryin to learn the Human Crazy Straw

    Human crazy straw is something I've been working on for a while, I've had nasogastric tubes stolen from my partner who's a nurse haha I found it easiest for me to do it with a modeling balloon, I'm still working on getting over the gag at the throat to get it back out the mouth though.
  6. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Impossible Snapshot!

    So many thanks, it was a really fun one to enter. Please more creative contests. I love them. Thanks again!
  7. Stu-pendous


    I have 874 spendable and 15,653 lifetime... someone spends too much on theory11 things :D
  8. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Impossible Snapshot!

    Has been a while since I entered one of these but I can't resist photography comps. Enjoy and good luck all!
  9. Stu-pendous

    Justin Flom's trick on The Late Late Show

    Without going into spoilers and reveals I can say I perform a similar routine not with a wallet. And it really is great. I haven't performed it as much as it like to but good lordy it even blows my mind sometimes.
  10. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Valentine's Day!

    Aight I'm getting ideas. Good luck everyone!
  11. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - No Rules Cardistry

    Not an entry but I always think of this with every cardistry contest. Good luck everyone that legitimately enters!
  12. Stu-pendous

    Trick only my fellow filthy millennials will get.

    This seems like that frequency thing that people over a certain age can't hear. What the heck is being gnomed? Is it like the game (that you just lost btw) Or the ok sign finger thing?
  13. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions For 2019

    The past year I've had a break in actually performing magic (only did one or two shows) to focus on my commercial cookery course and become a qualified chef. Everything in my life from my daughter to my relationship with my partner have all improved so much and I couldn't be happier. For 2019 I...
  14. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Showcase Your Style!

    Well done SunnyG!
  15. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Showcase Your Style!

    Almost time for bed over here but I hope you all enjoy. I wanted to film something like this for a long time now. It's awesome when the stuff I do tricks my own eyes as well as the people I'm performing for.
  16. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Black Friday

    Alrighty both of my entries are in this post finally got to put my Edison bulb to work! Good luck everyone!
  17. Stu-pendous

    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday Powers v2!

    My last loop broke just a couple days ago so this would be extra handy. Gotta go into rapid brainstorming mode now, I haven't entered in a while. Good luck everyone!
  18. Stu-pendous

    Books/dvds about performance

    there are quite a few books and resources out there about developing a character, often times once you have your character nailed down, the performance becomes almost second nature. I found The Approach by Jamie D Grant a huge help with developing my character. once I had that I found myself not...
  19. Stu-pendous

    Dan White’s hidden Spike Trick (Jimmy Fallon)

    Nailed it is a great routine and I perform it all the time. Scott Alexander is a treasure
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