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    What should I get? Help Needed!

    well, it's always hard to say what one should buy, because it depends on what you're doing and what suits you. from your post it looks like you're looking for magic items and not flourishing stuff, so what i would recommend from d&d is: trilogy tricks disc, ray kosbys Impossible Card Magic (if...
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    How important are warm-ups?

    for me it's definitely not a must, but i do it anyways, but in a different way. what i mean is i don't really use finger exercises on a regular basis or as a part of my practice routine, but i often do them when i'm bored or when i have some time but no cards. the great thing is that you don't...
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    Key to All Optical Illusions Discovered

    ok, listen guys, i didn't really like your comments, because it seems like i have to explain a couple of things: first, and most important, you don't know what theory means! theory as a scientific term has a whole different meaning than in your everyday sense. when you talk about a theory...
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    Need help finding a move...

    thanks for the idea! i'll definetely try sliding it out with my thumb, because it's a really good way to do it since the card reverses naturally in the action. as for crimping the card, i'm not sure about that because when i do a charlier to "lose" the card in the middle i can just hold a break...
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    Need help finding a move...

    alright, here's my problem: i've invented my own very nice and short routine, but i can't figure out the end, and i thought maybe someone here knows about a sleight that allows me to achieve what i would need. i won't go into deatail about my trick, but here's what's happening: i've got the...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Special Edition: Witness THIS

    here's my first and my second entry. i thought these were quite obvious, so i was surprised no one had the idea before me... i know my editing is not good, but i hope you enjoy it!
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    Check this out!

    hi, always nice to see a new member! so here's what i think about your tricks: Le Monte Transpo: a nice little trick, nothing too fancy but quite good. i liked the presentation and everything. effect: 7/10 handling/presentation: 7/10 Thermo Fusion: well, i think the effect is pretty...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Inside the Box

    first guess: 10036 second guess: 10008 third guess: 9466
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    Lethal and Trilogy which is harder?

    well, for me it's not that easy to say because although i own both dvds, i had lethal a lot longer of course, so i've practised the lethal flourishes for a long time now. anyway, as mentioned above, the trilogy is definetely easier to follow because of the different teaching style, when you want...
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    DG's Warning

    don't worry man, it's not really dangerous. i think the dvd says something about some minor health risks, but believe me, the polluted air you breathe everywhere everyday is much more dangerous than this trick. it does feel a little uncomfortable when you do it, but you can definetely do it a...
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    Does Digital Dissolve work?

    I also own DD, and i have to tell you my initial thoughts after i received it were about the same as yours. anyway, after some practicing i tried it, only with my family at first, and it worked, but not 100%. After that I did some fine tuning and found that it works perfectly. there are just...
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    Anyone got some advice?

    maybe on the trilogy?! i never checked if there are any trilogy tricks revealed on youtube, but i think there aren't, because those stupid kids usually only reveal something like penguin magic or e tricks or something rather easy.
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    Saturday Night Contest : A Dangerous Caption

    lol, i totally understand what you're saying. for me the worst part is waiting for the results of the snc, because where i live it's 4:54am now, so i've been awake quite a while...
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    Saturday Night Contest : A Dangerous Caption

    #2: this photo tells you nothing about dangerous, but it does tell you something about the photographer... (for clarity you could also add "personal preferences of the" between the & photographer, but i think you got the point anyways)
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    Saturday Night Contest : A Dangerous Caption

    #1: dana: guys, look at this (opening his pants), have you ever seen something like this? do you think i should get it checked by a doctor?
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    Anyone familiar with this move?

    i also think that this trick involves some kind of pass, but as mentioned above you can achieve a similar but in my opinion even better effect with dan and daves "hedgebergs peak" which is also available on the trilogy and the two locations mentioned above. one of my favourite tricks at the...
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    These gimmicked tricks...

    well, saw is definetely very easy to make, the self tying shoelace requires a tiny little bit more work, but it's not that hard either, as for ghost vision, you can definetely make it yourself (although someone before me said you can't), in fact it's not hard to make at all, only thing is you...
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    Saturday Night Contest: The Secret Life of d+M

    3) DM and the vice president of the umc 4) DM: visual artist, ex card cheat, illusionist, cardist, unicorn hater.
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    Saturday Night Contest: The Secret Life of d+M

    2) We're gonna be a HUGE success in japan... trust me...
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    Saturday Night Contest: The Secret Life of d+M

    1) [DM] You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well I'm the only one here. Who the **** do you think you're talking to? Oh yeah? OK. (just like robert deniro in taxi driver, but you probably got it without this...
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