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    Restaurant Magic

    I know this is a newbie question, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to double check here - When doing walk around restaurant magic I am assuming you only approach tables of people WAITING in food, not people who are EATING their food. Am I correct?
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    New Website Got my website up and running. Let me know what y'all think.
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    Website Review

    Give me some feedback on my website? I don't yet own a domain but the name will be shorter once I get it.
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    Invisible Card

    I take it that the card cannot be handed out with a ditch? and definitely not handed out without a ditch? couldn't find this information anywhere and I just want to know for sure before a purchase. I will probably buy either way.
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    Busking Tonight

    I successfully busked in my downtown area (Montgomery, AL) for the first time and I just wanted to thank y'all and share it with the community. It wasn't the best but like Kozmo said.. "Expect to suck at first, then get better." It was very stormy and rainy but I was under a roofed area...
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    1 or 2

    2 quick questions for busking.... Should I have one or two shows? And about how long should each of them be?
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    Busking Material

    Does anyone know some good information on busking the streets or what to buy on that subject? (Besides Gazzo's Penguin Live Lecture)
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    Formal Dresscode

    Wondering if any of y'all have ever done Calen Morelli's Dresscode, but changed from a t-shirt into like a button down and tie/bow tie or something nice like that?
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    Control/Switch Originality

    I have come up with a control/switch that I would like to put on the wire, but only if it is original... which I honestly don't know if part of it is. I have never seen it anywhere else, but it could still be unoriginal so any help would be great.
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