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    Hi, when I click on Tricks only four tricks show up and I try clicking on the those personal options but they still don't work and the videos are not working?
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    False Shuffles

    Truffle Shuffle by Derek Delgaudio or Manfred Shuffle by Hank Miller? What do you guys prefer? -Thanks
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    D. G. P. 4-6

    Any news from Garcia about his projects 4,5,6?...The release date or his new site launch?
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    Coin Shells

    What website is best to buy gimmicked half dollar coin shells; Besides Jamie Schoolcraft because it's kind of expensive? Also has anyone tried Ultra Versatile coin shells?
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    Out of the three impromptu rising card effects: Shifty, Riot, and Fallen, which effect has the best angles? Also whoever owns DG's BentTouchSlink can you please pm me because I have questions regarding the effects. .:Thanks:.
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    Exile Question

    In Matheiu Bich's Exile, can you draw little hearts instead of the X's because I ordered it already and I want to know if you can achieve that for a Valentine's Day effect?
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    Braue Pop-Move

    Hey guys I want to know your opinions on the Frederick Braue Pop-Out Move. Do you use this in your card routines, any new ideas/variations, how do your spectators react when they see their selected card pop up, do you think this move a gem, tell me anything etc? -B.B
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    Cards for Flourishing

    I've been into flourishing for awhile, but I want to try other cards, so out of this list what do you recommend? I've tried Tally Hos only and Bikes of course, so I need a change for once. Thanks!!!
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    Erdnase Go Round Variation

    In Jonas Haglunds' video "Tempo" he performs an Erdnase Go Round Variation from Jaspas. Does anybody know if their is a tutorial on Decknique or where can I learn it? Thanks!
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    Tangled Web/Steranko On Cards

    Does anybody know or where can I find a review of Eric Mead's "Tangled Web" and John Steranko's "Steranko on Cards"? I was going to plan to buy them with Surfaced, but I want to know the effects in detail. If not I might just go ahead and get Kenner's "Totally Out of Control" and Earick's "By...
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    Favorite Flourisher To Watch

    Who is your favorite flourisher to watch? It can be anyone on the poll or yourself. When you have taken the poll, tell why you chose that flourisher. What's your favorite cut/move/flourish you perform from them? How did you first discover them? Why do you like their style? etc. P.S. I'm...
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    In Bich's TNR are the angles like DG's Torn or is TNR more angle proof. I own Torn and I when I want to perform it out, I always have a lot of spectators all around me. So is TNR more better to perform in those situations? Thanks! BB193 _PeAcE!
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    D+M's Lethal Up for Grabs

    I found the info on D+M's site, the link: the latest DM news. Here it is 26APRIL2008 Updates It's been a busy 2008 so far and a lot of hard work and hard fun has gone into the latest ventures... III, or 3, finally saw the light of day yesterday at a timely 3pm along with the collective...
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    Split Spades Deck order

    I'm wondering if I can order by mail by sending the money, but I'm afraid by the time my payment arrives in South Carolina, the Splitspades might stop selling because of limited edition? I will be ordering 2 red, 1 blue, and 3 black and the total cost is $50.00 even. Should I wait until the...
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    Brick of New Studs

    I'm wondering where can you buy a brick of new Studs? I bought a deck from Walgreens and I wanted to try them out for flourishing and now I'm addicted with studs. I still have mine, but I think in a couple of days it will hopefully get worn out soon . So anybody who knows any site or any...
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    Las Vegas Meet-Up

    I'm just asking but anybody going to/or in Vegas at May 30-June 1, so we can meet-up? I might be staying at The Orleans or Excalibur, so anybody down? I'll be walking down the strip and I'll be performing walk-around and I don't want to be a loner, anyways I'll be walking to the Wynn hotel and...
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    Asian/Filipino Team

    I'm looking for any Asians/Filipinos or anybody else who lives in the Coachella Valley in California because my location is Palm Springs, so I'm looking for a team to jam with me for the CCC. I don't know how to edit or make a video, basically I have no clue in the movie-making industry:p...
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    Your Card Magic/Flourish Wish List

    What are your guy's wish list of the upcoming releases? Please contribute your list. Thanks! My list: 1.Ultragaff by W:H and DG 2.Surfaced by Chad Nelson 3.Daniel Garcia Project 4 4.Andthensome by Buck Twins 5.Their upcoming book also by the Bucks 6.More decks from T11,E,Upcoming Smoke...
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    Unpublished Ideas/1-on-1 videos

    1.I'm wondering what unpublished ideas in cards/coins/etc you guys wanna see published? 2.In the 1 0n 1 section, what other videos do you want the T11 artists to teach?
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    30 Question Survey

    1.The best card source/effect for a newbie? 2.Best card/effect for a card pro? 3.Fav. deck of cards? 4.Fav. magic book? 5.Fav. card/etc. DVD? 6.Fav. Mentalist? 7.The best coin source/effect? 8.Fav. trick deck? 9.Your fav. move/effect by Chris Kenner? 10.Torn by Daniel Garcia,TNR by...
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