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  1. LBarnes

    A new Format for Magic?!

    I only just seen that you've posted this here. When you told me you were working on it a while ago, I didn't expect it to come out as interesting as this. I love the video. I have no idea how you moved the man on the fire escape sign. Can't wait to see some more of these!
  2. LBarnes

    Blaine thinking on his feet...

    Time to re-learn M*********. Great video, cheers for sharing :)
  3. LBarnes

    Moonshine Playing Cards

    These are now available at Cheers, Lloyd
  4. LBarnes

    Elegance or Sloppiness?

    This is just a quick post from me, because I'm quite busy but I just want to give some advice. This is a choice in ideology that has hounded magicians for decades, myself included. What I find works well for me, is to practice both styles in handling and then, when it comes to performing, get to...
  5. LBarnes

    Happy ThanksCRISSing

    BAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! You're impression is spot on man! Crackin'!
  6. LBarnes

    BREAKING MAGIC // Episode 2

    Hey guys, I found Breaking Magic Episode 2 online. Check it out! Breaking Magic // Episode 2 I'm really enjoying the serious so far, what are your thoughts? Cheers, Lloyd
  7. LBarnes

    BREAKING MAGIC // Season 1 - Episode 1

    I found the first episode of Breaking Magic online guys. Click this link to see Breaking Magic // Season 1 - Episode 1 Cheers, Lloyd
  8. LBarnes

    theory11's Five New Releases?

    I think The Archive could be something like Denis Behrs Archive (maybe even powered by it) seen here. Basically, an online resource to log & find credits for sleights and moves, maybe even input new ones. Of course, it could be totally different. What ever it is, I'm totally excited to see...
  9. LBarnes

    Interesting Gig Coming Up

    Seen this article and thought of you, Rick. Telegraph UK Lloyd
  10. LBarnes

    Saturday Night Contest - Not Magic, But Magical

    Not exactly sure what my talent is, just sorta, chucking myself around and having really bad dress sense :D
  11. LBarnes

    Elevator/Rising Card Effects?

    This is something of mine that might be coming out in the next couple of months. I'm a visual ambitious rising card freak, so this might interest some of you. Click here: Muse // Lloyd Barnes Cheers
  12. LBarnes

    Torn and Amazed

    Cue shameless self promotion... I released a T'n'R called Restored on The Wire and it became an instant best seller. What makes this stand out above the rest of the TnR's out there is that you can show it front and back throughout the whole routine and the last piece is done edge by edge...
  13. LBarnes

    theory11 doubles.

    Haha Brilliant! Two blokes that I respect hugely. I reckon I should go for this look from now on, it'll make me look like I've got my smarts :) Lloyd
  14. LBarnes

    When in doubt....?

    Great post, Rick. As always from you, real advice. Thanks for sharing!
  15. LBarnes

    Are we really going to let this happen?

    Great news Lyle. Lets hope the right thing gets done. Cheers, Lloyd.
  16. LBarnes

    Are we really going to let this happen?

    A couple of days ago a new release was published on the wire called Don't Blink by Pestritu Cristian. Upon viewing it, I knew I had seen the exact same thing before. A quick search and I re-found this effect, Diffused by Will Tsai Viewing the videos you can see that the effects are identical in...
  17. LBarnes

    Invisible Children

    Sorry man, we posted at the exact same time, so I didn't even see your post at all. No offence meant. Also, I posted only after skimming your post man, I didn't mean to cause offence. We should let the mods decide between themselves about what should happen to this thread. Aside from that...
  18. LBarnes

    Invisible Children

    Keep this thread live. For the sake of taking up a tiny amount of space on this forum, we can actually make a difference by keeping the view numbers of the video going up. Theory11 has done an incredible charity even already this year, so I know JB and the rest of the Theory11 team will...
  19. LBarnes

    Teller Reveals His Secrets - Smithsonian Magazine

    Great read. Thanks for sharing JB. I think this is a must read, especially for some existing or up 'n' coming creators for The Wire. Lloyd
  20. LBarnes

    Mr Madison tattoo?

    Sweet, cheers man! Good luck with it. I'm hoping to get a forearm half sleeve in the next month, with some ace designs and words incorporated in to it. I'll keep you posted with what happens too. Lloyd
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