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    Blake Vogt Card Splitting

    thanks i'll be sure to check this one out too and see what it's got
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    Blake Vogt Card Splitting

    Thanks Chris and Blake. I'll definitely check out the video and I look forward to the release of v2+3. One type of gaffed card I think would be really cool to learn how to do is a mispipped card like in Dan Harlan's Red Rover trick. I've also seen it used in a monte routine from Derek Delgaudio...
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    Blake Vogt Card Splitting

    So this morning I got the first card splitting download from blake and have gotten pretty good at splitting already in just a day because I already kind of knew how to split cards. I really want to make my own gaffed cards instead of buying them because I'm broke, but blake only goes through...
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Steve Cohen Decoded

    what is the most gratifying part of performing magic for you? who inspired you to live your life as a performer? what kind of magic originally caught your eye and inspired you to be a magician?
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    [IDEA #1] by Alex'

    how are the angles? if they're decent then i'd say you got yourself a solid trick. very visual and very neat
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    13 steps to mentalism

    Christopher: I don't think being picky about the look of the wallet is being overly focused. it's a genuine issue of convenience and style. it't not convenient to carry around a wallet that's the size of a brick with only jeans and a t shirt. And what about if your style of magic is the more...
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    13 steps to mentalism

    I never said old magic was a problem, hence the quotes around it. But it does have a touch of validity. Look at the card to wallet, wallet. It used to be this obnoxiously long and old fashioned wallet that you would need to have in your suit jacket pocket. If I whipped one of those babies out...
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    13 steps to mentalism

    Most people consider it the bible of mentalism, so 13 steps to mentalism is to mentalism as the bobo book is to coins and expert at the card table is to cards. Widely considered one of the greats for mentalism. The reason I posted this was because I wanted to steer more into mentalism than I...
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    help with the expert at the card table

    also working with a deck in hand while you read is helpful.
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    Help with Tivo Transpo

    Aye, get yourself some decent cards like bikes or tallies. Aviators are good for flourishing and gambling stuff, but not really magic. Plastic cards in general are rough to do magic with. Of course there are exceptions, but aviators are no exception. New cards and practice practice practice.
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    13 steps to mentalism

    Outdated for modern magic? General thoughts?
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    Experimental bottom control

    too awkward of hand positions and you saw the card arrive at the bottom in the vid. the poor quality of the vid doesn't help either because you can barely see what is going on. keep on working
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    help with the expert at the card table

    ya you have plenty of good swindlers on t11 forums so don't be scared to shout
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    Most deceptive false cut?

    zarrow shuffle and madison shift for best false shuffle and false cut
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    and ya the move is tough at first but like zach says, practice will eventually work out the kinks
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    I have a dell laptop and it's kinda old so it's still rocking windows xp
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    while there's a post about fontaine I think I'll pop in a question. I bought fontaine and when I went to download it after purchasing it, it opened a new window on google chrome to play it that took FOREVER to load and didn't allow me to pause rewind or skip ahead. When I got it saved to a quick...
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    Three Card Monte

    very nicely done. it would be cool to see this in an entire routine as well.
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    Frustrated with magic!!

    yes i should think you have tried to accomplish too much too soon. Investing in books will save you much frustration. Also as a final note magic is NOT an easy thing. So always remember to be patient, practice hard, and don't take it so seriously. You can always take a break from magic if you so...
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    Royal Jazz Aces

    very slick stuff. might I inquire as to where you learned this fabulous little illusion?
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