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  1. SleightedMind

    Saturday Night Contest - Putting It All Together

    It's been a super long time since I've posted here! But I like the challenge, I need to script a lot of my magic.. Anyway, this is not perfect but here goes: I included the names of the sleights I used in the description if anyone's interested in learning them...
  2. SleightedMind

    Help creating a website!

    I'm sure. Knowing T11's forum members are young, I thought my point could make a few think twice before asking something that is time consuming for others. Anyway, good luck.
  3. SleightedMind

    Help creating a website!

    Quick heads up for anyone that might be willing to do this: I saw OP's old thread and sent him an email, offering my help, for free of course. Never got an answer. I think people should be more considerate when asking for something for free: at least have the decency to take the time to...
  4. SleightedMind

    Any web designers here? Amateur or pro.

    Sent you an email ;)
  5. SleightedMind

    Your favorite themed acts

    Completely off topic but I thought it was worth bringing attention to: Thank you Craig Browning for the numerous advices you shared on this very board. You are the most knowledgeable and sharing person here. Thank you for educating the youth. I appreciate every post of yours. Thank you.
  6. SleightedMind

    Modern Intracacies

    Glad you're liking it! One quick correction though, the title is "Modern Intricacies" ;)
  7. SleightedMind

    Phone number card trick. Any ideas?

    Best way imo would be to introduce a procedure inspired by the basic Add a Number routine: get multiple people to input random numbers in a cellphone, "as if you would write them on a piece of paper". This way, the info is fragmented and no will conciously try to remember the whole thing, let...
  8. SleightedMind

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Andy Nyman!

    Which one of your trick would you say is the greatest, and why ?
  9. SleightedMind

    Loops in Bulk

    I don't remember where I bought it but you can google it easily :) full name is EVE triple vectra elastic thread. You DO have to strip it, but it allows more control over strength/visibility, so for me it's a plus. Hope it helps ;)
  10. SleightedMind

    Loops in Bulk

    It's only telling you how to tie loops, the Trinity system is a rig allowing you to tie loop in 10 seconds. I have it, and it works. It's great quality as well. Just don't buy their invisible thread, it's visible infortunately, a lot more than Mesika's. I would recommend the Vectra one though...
  11. SleightedMind

    Who performed last night and what went well?

    It's a pseudo-hypnostism/suggestion piece where the spectator close his eyes once and can't open them again until you "unstuck" them. Works great on people that shows signs of fatigue ;) I originally found it in the Zap DVD (not explained though). Cheers
  12. SleightedMind

    Wanting something new... but what?

    Been there, done a few mistakes ;) You're right not wanting to for too hard just yet. Doing hard stuff does not necessarily mean higher impact: the Invisible Deck trick (gimmicked version) is easy as pie and will get you incredible reactions and a sometimes needed out. I would also advise you...
  13. SleightedMind

    Who performed last night and what went well?

    Didn't perform for New Year's Eve per say, but did my CAAN (disguised as an ACAAN) and did the "eyelid stuck" hypnotism piece that worked just great =) And great tip Luis! I just checked out and you can find those pens on ebays for you lazy ones behind your screens ;)
  14. SleightedMind

    Happy New Year + Holiday Contest Conclusion!

    Happy New Year everyone! Keep your hands busy in 2012 ;)
  15. SleightedMind

    My New Video Production - Flourish

    Great video about spreading the Art of Magic ;) Thanks you for performing for real people, I'm always happy to see that.
  16. SleightedMind

    Strike Second question

    A wet spongeball in a pocket also works. But the most practical thing, if you're a magician, would be to lick your thumb as UncleMings pointed above. For gambling demo, applying a weird looking paste / substance out of a "hidden" mint container in "plain view" might just sells the fiction the...
  17. SleightedMind

    Improvisational magic anyone?

    Check out Justin Higham's work. Mainly, Secrets of Improvisational Magic and the "follow-up", the KOSBE system (which is a revised and expanded version of the same book, written by the same author in 1995). I personally read the Secrets, and enjoyed it. I'll have to read the KOSBE system...
  18. SleightedMind

    The Session Convention 2012

    It reads really good :) I'm going for my first time (second convention), and I really expect it to be great. Yoann aka Flegz will also be there too ;) Jérôme.
  19. SleightedMind


    I'm biased but: Yoann (aka Flegz) has a super visual variation that received praises from Chris Kenner himself. Although the only way to buy it/watch it now would be to buy the MS card which is a lot more than you would expect for one trick. But then again, you'd get 17 of them, including...
  20. SleightedMind

    Ziplocked - What do you think?

    You need a huge ziplock bag.
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