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    What Are Good Videos of Magic Performance?

    What are some good magic DVDs etc. with magic performances worth watching. I'll get things rolling. Lennart Green's Masterfile comes with excellent performance sections in addition to the instruction. Your turn.
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    Smooth Finish Cards?

    Can someone suggest some cards with a smooth finish? Steamboats are no longer a thing and I just tried to find some Fournier 505s and they also seem to be no longer available, at least in the U.S. I didn't like the Zen's, but that may have been a bad batch, and I was hoping for something less...
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    Books! Reprints!

    What a year. By Forces Unseen, If an Octopus Could Palm and now The Complete Walton! There's been some new stuff too- I'm looking at you Mr. Jennings Takes it Easy and I have Sleightly Out of Order on order, but I don't even know what reprint I'm still hoping for! How was your year for books...
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    By Forces Unseen is back

    For those like me who have been waiting, the reprint of By Forces Unseen has now been released.
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    Borderless Traditional Cut on Bicycle stock?

    Anyone know of some borderless cards with traditional cut on Bicycle stock? There are options on Bee stock (Bees for one), but I have only found bordered version of traditional cut on Bicycle stock. Any recommendations? Or at least a site that generally lists the specs of USPCC made cards so...
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    Worst Ad Ever

    This keeps popping up on my MSN homepage. I have not included the associated link to buy the flash paper, but it does come with one. I assume they are the victim of a bad algorithm, but did nobody look at it first?! For anyone who may have stumbled upon the post accidentally, please do not...
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    What is your favorite torn and restored card?

    Inspired by another post I am wondering what version of Torn and Restored Card everyone likes? I like the version in Art of Amazement and I have Drawing Room Deceptions but have not practiced that one. I've been thinking about getting Heinstein's Dream and I wonder if anyone thinks that is...
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    Favorite Reprints

    This year 'In Order to Amaze' and 'Best of All Worlds' have been reprinted. Last year we got 'Books of Wonder'. What are your favorite books that were hard to find but are now available again?
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    I remember the trailer but not the name...

    There was a DVD released a number of years ago and I can only recall the trailer. The basic idea as I remember it was to flick a single card into a deck or spread to find the selected card etc. There were a number of different versions of that shown and I also recall a couple of Asian...
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    What cards are traditionally cut with a smooth finish

    I am looking for cards which are traditionally cut with and have a smooth finish. I've only found Zen, but they are too rigid. Anyone know of some USPCC or Fournier that come this way?
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    Tommy Wonder's Books of Wonder are available for pre-order

    Penguin has listed Tommy Wonder's Books of Wonder as available for pre-order. They state "This product is expected to ship on June 29th." If you ain't got 'em, then get 'em. I just ordered mine!
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    Shuffle Simulators

    I use both the Faro Shuffle Simulator at and StackView and would recommend them to anyone looking for such a thing. They are however both looking a bit old, but I have not found much else. Has anyone found newer or better shuffle software?
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    I see everyone is running low on Aristocrats. Will there be more available/printed in the future?
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    What was that Turnover?

    I'm trying to find a sleight I remember practicing in the 80's, but I can't find it in any of my books. Some have been misplaced over the years. It was a one hand Mexican Turnover type move. You did it with the deck in your right hand while you used that hand to turn over the tabled card...
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    The Magic Way?!

    I just got "The Magic Way" by Juan Tamariz. on page 37 he actually suggests that you "hold your left hand somewhat cramped" with "the arm striking an odd pose" to mislead the spectator. I do not agree with this. I believe that this breaks any implied (or agreed upon as per Harris) suspension...
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    Face cut T11 cards, please

    It would be awesome if T11 produced a batch of face cut cards. It would be really awesome. Even more so if they were Medallions. Just sayin'... Thanks for listening, Dave
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    Card Magic Theory Catagorization

    There are only so many types of card tricks. Invisible transit, impossible location, color change etc. Is there a book that does a good job covering the catagorization and analysis of the different types of card tricks? I'm trying to find tricks to insert in certain spots and realize there...
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    Poker sized manipulation cards?

    Can someone recommend poker sized manipulation cards? I use Bees, but would like to try something thinner. The last deck I ordered ended up being bridge size. Thanks
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    Here's my card magic library. What books should I still get?

    I'm looking for suggestions for books I might enjoy or learn great things from. I am not a pro, but I worked in a magic shop for several years and I enjoy spending many hours practicing card sleights and reading magic books. I like close-up magic that I can perform very close-up for just a few...
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    Which Reel?

    I'd like to get a good reasonably quiet reel. Does anyone have a recommendation?
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