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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. rhino11

    Magic through Internets

    so there's this hot cuban girl and i've promised her il show her some magic through the internet but i had some trouble with my webcam... so my question is: do magic tricks exist that you can do over the internet? or cellphone? if you know what im saying... -Ed
  2. rhino11


    check this out...looks pretty sweet its 12$...
  3. rhino11

    Interactive magician

    filmed this a few days ago...i know its kinda stupid but i hope you like it ;)
  4. rhino11

    Something new

    look at this guys something is happening...
  5. rhino11


    Will there be any more of these little contests to get in EMC? just asking because im not in it lol. Peace
  6. rhino11

    School Magic

    hey guys! i filmed some magic at my school last week and posted this video... maybe you can give me some advice thx ;)
  7. rhino11


    hey dudes whats up? i havent been on the forum for like a month ive been busy.. anyways my question is where do you guys hang out? tinychat tally ho? because ive been there and it was empty al the time... let me know please.... im on tally right now ;)
  8. rhino11

    Thumb Tip Question

    is there a thumb tip like a lighter?
  9. rhino11

    Noki Change What do ya think? :D
  10. rhino11

    Spider Pen - Tarantula

    So heres my situation i live in Romania and i want to buy a invisible electric reel. Tarantula 85$ Spiderpen 35$ Wich one should i get?
  11. rhino11

    Rare Colour Change Battle

    You have too perform a cool and not popular colour who whants to battle?
  12. rhino11

    Perfect Double

    Link Deleted due to exposure.
  13. rhino11

    Wayne Houchin Daily Update - Problem

    i was watching the todays daily update and at 0:20 or something like that the video just froze it just blocked...any help? thx
  14. rhino11

    How To Make Your Pass Superduperfast

    This may sound stupid but just practice doing the pass upside down...its kinda hard but youl get it. Do it for like a week and then do it will fell super easy and fast. so yeah... :) give it a try
  15. rhino11


    Yesterday i dicided to go outside with my friend(cameraman) and do some street magic...what was really strange that 40% of the people asked me were did i learned them...what should i say??? i sayd its secret ;)
  16. rhino11

    Geek Magic Battle

    Do a geek magic trick.You can use anything...razzor blades,glass etc... So who wants a battle?
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