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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Torn and Restored Matrix?

    It can be found on Dani DaOrtiz's 'Que Raro!' DVD...if im not mistaken hehe
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    Hey Mike, i didn't use the sleights originally used to control the cards that zenneth did...

    Hey Mike, i didn't use the sleights originally used to control the cards that zenneth did. instead, i used the Wow Control, by Oliver Macia (Spelling..?) which can be found in his dvd "Control Freak". hope that helps man.
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    Any other flourishers in Melbourne, Australia?

    Hey man, I'm studying in Melbourne, but im back in my home country for holidays. I'll ba back in Melb at the end of Feb. PM me if anything's up. -Nadz
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    Where did you learn that?

    i usually just put in a throw away and say "i had to stay up 3 days and 3 nights atop a coconut tree praying to the gods" (throw in a very cheeky smile here, and wait for the laughter). Everyone knows you're kidding, and it just makes you seem more light hearted. I think people ask this...
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    New fish...

    welcome to the forums bro....chalk abother one for Melbourne, Australia :) home of magic mondays and such
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    Attn: Melburnian (Aus) Magicians

    i might hit that up...i really want to check out that "something about needles and razorblades" show. Doubt theres gonna be a "jam" environment. But hit me up if anythings going on.
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    Australia's Superday T11 Meet

    why can't it be in MELBOURNE?! haha such a pity, i've never been to any proper festivals and stuff. next time i guess :(
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    Gambler's Cop

    the gambler's cop reminds of the coin subtlety, the "Malini subltlety". If you point down, the spectators wont be able to see the card copped. i guess that should be the most suitable position to cop the card. but as mentioned in the posts above, it all must be adapted to a user's hands.
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    D&D - The System

    they're both two different things. they won't have any duplicate flourishes, but in Trilogy, you can see some flourishes which have actually (i guess you can say) "evolved" from the ones taught in the System. you also have to remember that the Trilogy not only teaches you flourishes, but also...
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    Good Cards?

    i for one, don't really like the feel of the wynn's but that's a personal preference i guess. im a big fan of Tally's and bikes. When i started flourishing i practised too much with old cards, and got too used to the "not so smooth" feel, so whenever i opened a new deck i could not handle the...
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    D&D - The System

    the system was actually the first flourish dvd i learnt from. I had no prior knowledge to flourishing before i picked it up. the moves should be a different style compared to XB (someone correct me if i'm wrong). you'll get quite a ton of material to keep you just as busy. I also feel that...
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    Magic Store

    you also have to take in mind, that if they are in the Central Business District part of town, the rent for the store should be priced quite high.
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