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  1. Glenn West

    A few concerns about the classic pass again :-)

    You know, don't act like you don't.
  2. Glenn West

    I`m a Beginner. Is it ok to only sale myself as a walk around magician?

    That sounds good. Are you looking to turn this into a career? Or just want to grow as a magician/performer?
  3. Glenn West

    Youtube magicians

    I would second several of the recommendations here, just from knowing those people, though to be honest, I've not regularly watched their YT channels, lol. I've been posting weekly to YT recently, with weekly recaps of my daily IG videos. *Shameless self-plugging*...
  4. Glenn West

    I`m a Beginner. Is it ok to only sale myself as a walk around magician?

    "Being a beginner and just starting my own business. What is your suggestions on doing shows right at the start?" How long have you been doing magic? What do you mean by "shows?" Since you mention "starting my own business" I assume you mean paid gigs. If you're just beginning, the answer...
  5. Glenn West

    A few concerns about the classic pass again :-)

    Some great advice on practice:
  6. Glenn West

    Best Torn and Restored!!!!

    It's not the ONLY t&r "the card can be cleanly displayed front and back before, during, and after the tear." There are several out there that fit this criteria already, but it is nice criteria.
  7. Glenn West

    Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

    I'd say, between this, The Amateur Magician's Handbook, and Tarbell, you would have everything you need in magic. The teaching format in Mark Wilson's book is one of the best I've seen, IMHO.
  8. Glenn West

    Regarding of Cover Pass Materials

    Outside of initially displacing the top card, for example, a slip cut, followed by a genuine cut to the same spot to hav a card replaced, etc, the nature of the pass would other wise not lend itself to full deck order retention.
  9. Glenn West

    My Busking Experience

    Ever consider doing C&B? Most buskerd close with it.
  10. Glenn West

    Left Handed Silver Dream

    Again, this is in no way affected by your dominant hand. You simply learn the move with the hand used in the teaching. Even if you do the rest of the routine mirrored, it still will not affect this last move if done as taught.
  11. Glenn West

    Should I get the Shadow Masters deck?

    I actually love the look of these, but, like everyone else said, all black boarders show any nicks very clearly.
  12. Glenn West

    Left Handed Silver Dream

    You should be able to do transfers of any kind with both hands, dominent or not. But still, I don't see why there would be an extra movment for a lefty vs a righty. Why is there a jerky move in the transfer?
  13. Glenn West

    Left Handed Silver Dream

    How is there an extra motion that a right handed person, using the same hands, would not have to make?
  14. Glenn West

    Left Handed Silver Dream

    There's no reason to DO it left handed. Not that the term "left handed" should really apply since both hands are involved in must coin vanishes. All you need to do is know a false transfer from the right hand to the left. Doesn't matter which hand you wright with.
  15. Glenn West

    Magic vs. Destruction

    This is why I stick with signing. People are apprehensive at first, but it is easy to reasure them it is fine, and how some people even write shopping lists on bills, or their phone numbers. Say this with a wink if you wanna jokingly flirt with the spectator. In a restaurant (working one that...
  16. Glenn West

    OCL Card Link

    From another thread.
  17. Glenn West

    Saturday Night Contest - A Quotation Query - Name That Book

    Damn, that's what I guessed too. Must have just been after ben.
  18. Glenn West

    Saturday Night Contest - A Quotation Query - Name That Book

    Eh, it was a shot in the dark.
  19. Glenn West

    Close-Up Magic

    Sankey's work has a LOT of practical workers material. Especially his earlier stuff. Are you near a brick and morter shop? If so I would STRONGLY suggest going there and getting their advice, and they can show you the products first hand. In situations like casual parties with friends, I...
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