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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. nicolaspalacios

    Train Mnemonica

    Hey, i Found This Co0l App for iPhone / iPod Touch! Here is de Description: -----------MNEMONICA TRAINER----------------- ENGLISH, SPANISH TRAIN AND LEARN MNEMONICA This Application is only for MAGICIANS! LEARN...
  2. nicolaspalacios

    Website Update

    Thanks for your comments dude! Yes, But HTML site is for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhones (Maybe BB and other mobile phones) Wich Can't Read Flash. Thx for all your comments, I realy appriciate them. What you mean with Tweaks?
  3. nicolaspalacios

    Website Update

    Hello, how Are You? I Make a BIG update in My website, Want to Hear Some Constructive Comentaries. Visit Site is in Spanish, Hope you Get the Idea... Hola Como estan? He Actualizado Mi sitio web. Pueden visitar Ahora me dedico a...
  4. nicolaspalacios

    Help Magic Work

    Hello How are you? Im Nicolas Palacios Magician from Chile. Iam making a projet for my university and I need to know the size of the Magic industry in terms of sales. Also I need Market share of magic dvd industry. I also need the growth of this industry. Does someone know where I can get...
  5. nicolaspalacios

    Creating Presentation

    Hello, how are you, Im from chile, Please vote for me in to Vote you need to put: I Like it. Is for a competition of talent in my university. If you want to wach Chilean's Got Talent Visit: 1.- Semifinal...
  6. nicolaspalacios

    Uai's Got Talent

    Hello, how are you, Im from chile, Please vote for me in to Vote you need to put: I Like it. Is for a competition of talent in my university. If you want to wach Chilean's Got Talent Visit: 1.- Semifinal...
  7. nicolaspalacios

    Parrot Magic

    Thx, but Dana Daniels Parrot really dont make anything.. he just stand in the t stand... and do nothing, no talking no magic. Any other?
  8. nicolaspalacios

    Parrot Magic

    Hello, how are you? I want to Ask if there is anyone here that Do magic with PARROTS, i have a -congo African Grey parrot ANd I want to use it on my show, First making him appear and then make im participate as a helper, and he even do his own magic. Someone else here use Parrots? Any...
  9. nicolaspalacios

    Can you levitate?

    Hey Michael, Can you tell me where to get MAtrix Levitation PLz? I find it very co0l. thx!
  10. nicolaspalacios

    Performing Prophet for friends/co-workers

    VERY GOOD Point, thats how real magic work. Thanks for sharing
  11. nicolaspalacios

    Magic as a Job

    Very interesting Thread, I have been working for a year and a half (im studying to) And you can make good money even if you are not so Known. But becouse i have been for so short amount of time, the money I recieve is very variable, Some Month I win like 800 Dollars, and some Month I win like...
  12. nicolaspalacios

    Magicians Wallet's

    I Want to know Wich Wallet to buy to, Anyone who Know information about wallets please comment the pro and cons of them. (Not only for card to wallet) thx
  13. nicolaspalacios

    Truffle Shuffle by Derek Delgaudio REVIEW

    Compared to Grey Shuffle in 12 ´past midnight t has a little subleti that makes it look better. I think this shuffle is the best false shuffle in the world, but if u dont have that much money you will be ok with Grey Shuffle
  14. nicolaspalacios

    Amazing Trick

    Yes I tihnk that 2, but it is to risky for Live tv. BTW, Any clue where i can Learn Phsycological Force?
  15. nicolaspalacios

    Amazing Trick

    Hey, I was searching how did Mike Super do his First Trick some people said he use Haunted deck, but how did he guess the card? he make it move before The Gril said the Card.< any Clue how its done? Or Better WHERE i can learn it ( for no exposure) Where i Can Learn a Pshycological Force? Thx!
  16. nicolaspalacios

    Question About Some Tricks

    Where I can Learn Mike Super Tricks?
  17. nicolaspalacios

    Question About Some Tricks

    Hey, I wanna ask where i can learn Some Mike Super tricks, like the one he perform on the second episode of Phenomenon, He make apper form the middle of the deck a thought card. Thx for the help
  18. nicolaspalacios

    Good Russian Roulette (Knives/Cups)

    Yeah! that version in TED from Keith Barry Was co0l! im searching that version too, Anyone here know its name? Thx!
  19. nicolaspalacios

    Video Editing

    And For Pc... Wich Software Can i Use for Free?
  20. nicolaspalacios

    Keith Barry Does Brain Magic

    Nope, Its not Mathew Mello's Version. Anyone know Wich version of rusian Rullet is?
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