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  1. Deadman

    I'm back

    I'm sorry for this self-absorbed thread, most of you don't care anyway and I'm at work bored. I joined T11 in 2009 - roughly 8 years ago when I was 15 years old. This place has helped me tons into adapting in my new city and new school at the time. I had been into magic before then, but the...
  2. Deadman

    Homemade Impression Pad...?!

    So is there anyway where i can learn how to fabricate my own impression pad, where i ask the spec to write something down in a notepad, have them tear the paper out and know what their word is ... I initially thought of using carbon paper but for some reason, i cannot find it anywhere where i...
  3. Deadman

    Whats your strongest mentalism effect...?

    Well the title says it all ..
  4. Deadman

    Ultimate "King" Assembly ...

    Let me know what you think: Link Pass:t11
  5. Deadman

    Ellusionist Or theory11

    Well i'm not a big fan of ellusionist for no particular reasons, but i wanna know, from people who bought products, mainly decks, from E, what's the main difference when compared to T11, is it better or worse.
  6. Deadman

    Rate this trick from the Mindfreak!

    Link: I would personally give it a 2/10. How much would u rate it, from a cardician's point of view.
  7. Deadman

    How do you practice your card tricks ... ?

    Well , the title says it all.
  8. Deadman

    Magicians not a fan of Criss Angel?

    Why some magicians like Dan Sperry , Jay Sankey and Daniel Madison are not a big fan of Criss Angel ? There are also some videos by them that shows some kind of hated towards CA ...
  9. Deadman

    Sleight Of Hand Or Gimmick

    What type of card magic do you think gets the best reactions , tricks that uses sleight of hand, even the simplest sleight like in the Biddle Trick or 2 card monte or tricks that uses gimmicks ??? What type of card magic do you prefer ?
  10. Deadman

    Rate the idea of this card trick ...

    Can someone please rate the idea of this card trick. Please don't rate the performance because i just created this trick couple minutes ago while messing around with my deck of cards and if the idea is good , i can work further on it. Thank you very much :) Link...
  11. Deadman

    Is flourishing necessary in Card Magic?

    Do you think flourishing helps in doing card magic, i know a couple of flourishes that are also false cuts. Do you think it's necessary for me to learn more of them ?
  12. Deadman

    Your deck of cards ?

    What is the deck of cards that you use when you perform for other people ? And is there any reason why you use that deck ?
  13. Deadman

    Quick Question About The Biddle Trick

    About the biddle trick , when you show them the 5 top card one by one , do you do it fast or slow. And how do YOU get a good grip of their selection , do you keep a break below their card or what ?
  14. Deadman

    Card Trick From D&D Buck

    Which card trick from D&D is your favorite ? One that is simple but has a great effect on the audience
  15. Deadman

    Top 3 Gimmick Or Gaff Cards

    Give me three of the best gimmick or gaff cards (not gaff deck) ever created ?
  16. Deadman

    Personal Card Trick

    What is your favorite card trick ? Either one that you are performing or one performed by another magician that you liked. And please specify a reason why you like it.
  17. Deadman

    180° Color Change

    I am looking for a color change that is unnoticeable by audiences 180° in front of me. Which one do you recommend ?
  18. Deadman

    Daniel Madison Vs Criss Angel

    Who do you think would win if Criss Angel and Daniel Madison had an ultimate battle with each one of them performing of their best card trick live without flourishes.
  19. Deadman

    Favorite Artist ?

    Who is your favorite magician ? From Theory11 to magician like David Copperfield , Criss Angel , Lance Burton , David Blaine .... anyone in the magic industry. Also specify a reason for your answer
  20. Deadman

    Favourite Of Card Trick?

    What is your favorite card trick and why ?
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