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  1. Sk8r_St3v3

    Why is Cardistry still a niche Hobby?

    If you take a good look, you'll find that Cardistry and flourishing are starting to pick up. People like Chris Hestnes and co, who began by having a desire to be as good as their idols (D&D) are now releasing their own flourishing DVDs. Many competent flourishers are being creative and utilising...
  2. Sk8r_St3v3

    Why Cardistry?

    Do it because you want to do it, or dont do it because you dont want to do it. If you enjoy it, and it appeals to you - why not? Even if you never show a flourish to anyone, its still worth practicing because you want to get better and enjoy it more.
  3. Sk8r_St3v3

    Getting A Crowd

    Check out the book: Winning the Crowd by Steve Cohen It was recommended to me, and i suggest you look into it.
  4. Sk8r_St3v3

    Blink Help

    Well i did what Andrei suggested and used a rubber band to get the feel of it down - it helps a lot. I was confused like you guys at first when i saw him change his fingers around, but now i think he was just trying to express the mechanics of it by showing the grip. Now the actual move...
  5. Sk8r_St3v3

    Sentinel quality problem?

    I found mine were slightly bent when i got them, but after playing with them for several hours i managed to smooth it out. Most of my decks are slightly bent in factory condition, and depending on the production process i think all decks are to certain extents. You should always give them a few...
  6. Sk8r_St3v3

    Magician Movies

    Is Anybody There? With Michael Caine is a great English Drama centered around an ageing magician.
  7. Sk8r_St3v3

    Im getting tired of seeing these flourishes.

    Nah i understood you, i think i just didnt explain my response well (as i usual). I like all the mainstream flourishes too, but like you say Sinful, 80% of the crap people come up with is very simple (and more often than not much easier) versions of the 'cool' looking parts of the mainstream...
  8. Sk8r_St3v3

    Im getting tired of seeing these flourishes.

    I agree with you Sinful, but as i am a recent beginner to magic and flourishing i have this to say about your point: Although they are overused, and as FlourishAce says, often encourage less creativty and moreover, just variations, i have found that they are essential to my progression in...
  9. Sk8r_St3v3

    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    Really? You obviously misunderstood me. I was supporting Seventeen's comment, and although mine may have come out less clearly, i made it pretty simple that although the comments here were necessary in relation to the subject, it was transgressing to an overreaction. People were just launching...
  10. Sk8r_St3v3

    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    I dont like getting involved with argumments over forums, but Seventeen has a good point. All of you are yapping away like a bunch of little girls, and not much progress has been made by you guys yourselves, instead you have all added to the controversy of the subject and made it even harder for...
  11. Sk8r_St3v3

    D&D The System in the UK

    Thanks, i thoughtso but i think youre right in confirming that.
  12. Sk8r_St3v3

    Sentinels, Thoughts?

    I second this ^^, and thats why i bought half a dozen of them haha :)
  13. Sk8r_St3v3

    D&D The System in the UK

    Hey guys, Ive been trying to pick up a copy of The System recently, but cant find it for a decent price in the UK. Alakazam had it for £14 at one point but they dont stock it anymore. I will have to buy it from the USA if i cant find it at a decent price in the UK but am reluctant because of...
  14. Sk8r_St3v3

    The Positivity Thread - Say Something About Someone

    I know its breaking the rules of this thread (Sorry D ICE R - your awesome for making it though :) ) but i thought i would add something. Nico91 has been incredibly friendly and helpful towards me! He has answered a tonne of my questions, given me a load of great suggestions of stuff i should...
  15. Sk8r_St3v3

    Nervous Performing

    Yah i guess it must suck when someone catches you out. Although i think its quite a natural palming technique that he uses so i assume with a bit of practice it shall be quite comfortable for me to use even surrounded. Good luck!
  16. Sk8r_St3v3

    D&D Smokes and Mirrors

    I doubt it would be cost effective but imagine a lenticular back? For those of you unnaquainted with this term, it is like the DVD covers you get where it changes from' one image to another when you tilt it. Could be interesting, although probably mesmerizing to an extent haha.
  17. Sk8r_St3v3

    Nervous Performing

    I love the way they are universal and can be applied to a huge range of spectators too. Sorry Jason :)
  18. Sk8r_St3v3

    Nervous Performing

    Rik - cant thank you enough for suggesting that book. I managed to indulge in it briefly using the 'look inside' feature on Amazon and it looks perfect to help me constructively work on my showmanship. I ordered it a minute ago and cant wait to start reading it. Cheers!
  19. Sk8r_St3v3

    Nervous Performing

    Thanks Nova! I chose Witness because at the time i didnt have anything else that i had practiced substantially and was confident to perform, and i think it was Christopher who said that i would find it easier to build confidence if i started out with simple/self working tricks + sleights...
  20. Sk8r_St3v3

    Dangerous (Both Disks) Review

    Thanks DM, i am sure it will (it already has to be honest). Just thought id add that I have the Inside special edition and it is an insane book, i recommend everyone to buy it in conjunction with Dangerous as the two together are invaluable.
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