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  1. Jenil

    Absolut Vodka Cards

    They are worth $20 for sealed ones.
  2. Jenil

    After placing an order for Jerry's...

    Buying something that you want doesn't make you stupid. If you have the money, go buy it. That's what it is made for. To buy something you want. Either its hyped or not. You bought it for that price because you're happy not because you're stupid. Stupid guys do talk a lot of sh*t about something...
  3. Jenil

    Jerry's Nuggets?

    Well, if you got the money & then buy it. If you don't & thought that it would be more important to spend it somewhere else then don't. Just pm me the seller & I'll buy it. Period.
  4. Jenil

    There are requirements but they are simply basic for an average magician, you just have to know...

    There are requirements but they are simply basic for an average magician, you just have to know the basic, some simple flourishes & nice attitude. We always come to the gatherings as friends not just members. Anyone can join as long as you have the interest & good attitude towards the other...
  5. Jenil

    Filipino Magicians

    Its a group of magicians & flourishers, every 1st friday we're at coffee bean trinoma, 2nd friday in seattle's best megamall, 3rd friday is on Greenbelt park, 4th friday is at Mall of Asia Starbucks Cyberzone. Hope we see you there man. Thanks for the interest.;)
  6. Jenil

    David Blaine autographs?

    Did it came from the deck or they'll give you a sealed one & a signed card?
  7. Jenil

    Filipino Magicians

    Hi guys! I think I can help you guys out.. We do have gatherings every friday for magicians & flourishers alike & we are all filipino group (even though the virts, jaspas, ling, wayne houchin, daniel madison & lee asher have quite known us for a while). We are proud that pinoys have been a part...
  8. Jenil

    Andthensome DVD Orange Edition

    A fool with lotsa money would buy that. I ain't a d&d fan boy. I'm just helping a friend out. And guys sorry for this thread if this is not meant to be here. As we all know, people who shares the same passion can easily get something they want by helping each other. Ebay doesn't have that. I...
  9. Jenil

    Andthensome DVD Orange Edition

    Anyone who has this & want sell theirs, please pm me with prices. My friend has been searching for this a while now. Thanks. ;)
  10. Jenil

    Where to get Wynns?

    I got lotsa brown wynns here mate. . $18 for a deck. . Negotiable if you buy a brick. . PM me for transactions..
  11. Jenil

    Hong Kong?

    Is there any good place where magic meets flourishes in HK? I plan to go there next as what you've seen (if you seen) in my trip to KL & SG, I plan to document the place & the people in HK.. Magicians, flourishers, magic shop, hotspots, bars, girls etc. This time, it'll be a better edit.. Anyone...
  12. Jenil

    A Brick of White Centurions on eBay

    He should sell them per deck not per brick.. He would make more money if he do that.. Anyway, I wouldn't spend my money for that.. That's way too pricey..
  13. Jenil

    What are these?

    You can buy them from Ace-King, Fullboatdealer & Pokerstud at a fairly good price... :)
  14. Jenil

    Jerry's Nuggets - For Sale?

    PM me your budget, we'll work on the price that is fair to you..
  15. Jenil

    Singapore Jam Session + Lee Asher Lecture

    :) PM me your number, I'll call you when i get there next year.. It'll be pretty soon bro..;)
  16. Jenil

    What is with Jerry Nuggets?

    When will this Jerrys hype end guys?
  17. Jenil

    Singapore Jam Session + Lee Asher Lecture

    Thank you so much guys.. I'm glad you liked it.. Thanks again Lee Asher & the flourishers who are with we all the time in Singapore.. See again you next year.. :)
  18. Jenil

    Singapore Jam Session + Lee Asher Lecture

    This is a short film of my trip to Singapore & Kuala Lumpur to meet other magicians, flourishers & Lee Asher. Hope you'll like it. Thanks for watching.;) Sorry for my first video editing.. I know it sucks.. :D
  19. Jenil

    White Centurions

    If they were printed for all of us, they wouldn't be called a rare one..
  20. Jenil

    Used Jerry's anyone?

    ??? I said used jerry nuggets bro, not unopened ones.. I'm expecting an opened used (not mint) condition Jerry Nuggets.. Thanks for the tip anyway..:)
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