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    Impromptu Dream of Aces Perfected! The first one is good for strict angles/large groups. The second is good for a small, controllable group. Feed back would be helpful.
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    Impromptu Dream of Aces?

    yeah. would an impromptu version of a dream of aces be good? (this would be the same as the original in terms of presentation.)
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    Urgent Presentation Help - Please!

    Hey! Straight to the point! I need some good eye catching stuff. Some of the popular kids in the neighborhood have been hanging out around the place that I practice "Stuff". I want some good patter that will increase reactions! Please! Help! P.S. I also need something that will impress a...
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    Waterfall Control

    hey everyone. a quickie here. where can i learn the waterfall control? i need it! Thanks! ~MK
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    Erdnase go round help

    hey ppl. just need some help with erdnase go round v2. when i break the packet off and try to flip it, the upper packet starts to get messed up. Then the bottom pack wont move. thnx in advance!
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    Shirt messages

    hey ppl. just askin for some help. im designin a shirt, and i need some magic/t11/d+m/flourishing messages to put on it. anything liked/needed!
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    It's Gone!

    Hello! Straight to the point. Go to and look at the products. Almost all of them are gone! Dan and Dave, you better not have anything to do with this! I am pissed! Anybody know why the products left?
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    Molecule 2: The Flip

    hey ppl. just askin for some tips on the tg deck flip part of molecule 2. when i do it, the airborne packet is movin really slow. thnx
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    School magic

    ello ppl! just needin some tips to sleep on! so, i am gonna do some magic at school tomorrow, and i am really tryin to decide what to do. here is what i have: trilogy painter card acr sandkings sanverted thank you lepaul face two face cemetary sandwich
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    Black Ghost Deck

    Hello everyone! Just keeping everyone updated with new stuff releases. March: Black Ghost is out in two days! (The 4th of March) The Centurions! (Hopefully!) Electric Touch- Back in stock at E. (for all you mentalists) April: Ultragaff is coming out! (Pretty much a sweet gaff deck!) GTA IV...
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    New Stuff!

    'ello! just made some new stuff, thought id share it. First, a new sandwich effect i call "Cemetery Sandwich", using the grave turnover move. plus, no stupid card pulls! my other one is a deck transpo, similar to the 4 to 1 transpo, but with 2 separate cards. Any name ideas? Feedback is...
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    'ello, T11'ers. I'm gonna be makin a group vid soon, and need some help thinkin of good music for it. I want somethin fast and punk. No Linkin Park, Rap, or Hip-Hop. I need somethin good, so provide a link for the song.
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    Witness then scroll down to the table of contents. read deuce bag. doesn't it sound like witness?
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    okay. everyone that hasnt seen the ultragaff preview, go look at it on youtube. now, parallel is the trick. if you can, pause over and over until you get some numbers instead of letters. record those numbers. then send all the letters or symbols to my...
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    Tornado cut help

    Hey all! Ok, here's the problem. Whenever I try to do a Tornado cut (Ashford Knietel), the packet always slips off of my finger. When I'm doing the cut, I put the rotating packet on the center of my right pinkie. Any help? If you have any advice, reply!
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    Hey, what's up, forum-goers? Me and one of my friends just started a flourishing/magic group. I would just like some tips on how to get popular.
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