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    JJ Abrams and his Mystery box TED Talk

    Not sure if this was shared already but stumbled upon a TED TALKS of JJ Abrams talking about a Mystery BOX. Thought you guys would be interested...
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    Which effect fooled you till this day?

    There is a video that Richard Turner put on his youtube page called Card Men Together which is also on his last DVD. Michael Webber performs a trick for Steve Forte that had him grinning like a little kid. Here's a link to the video: The trick is...
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    Gambling demo

    When Structuring a Gambling routine I suggest you keep it short and to the point. Astound them and leave a lasting impression on them. To many try to show too much gambling stuff in one setting. I was one of them. After learning new moves and routines I would just cram them in there. My...
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    Card table pass.

    If done correctly a Charlie Miller TB pass is very effective that I have used. or just hop the deck or use some sort of crimp
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    Book for practical card tricks

    I prob misunderstood his original post. If thats the case then card college would be the better of the two. For me personally I never found the set ups to be a problem. There are some yes but most could be achieved with a good cull or just toying around with the deck
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    Book for practical card tricks

    Here is a link that I use for my research and a ton of magicians use. Its the best archive out there for books. Type in a move, author or book and you will get a wealth of information. I use it for crediting and for my purchases. Dennis is a great magician also.
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    Easy Beginner Card Trick

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion Ethan. Personally a person should learn in the order they want in conjunction with what they want to accomplish. First slight I learned was a Over hand shuffle followed by a false one for a Trick in Scarne on Cards. In honest truth I dont consider the...
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    Book for practical card tricks

    Card College is a crash course in cards... Its wonderfully structured and written. It will teach you a few sleights then a effect using the sleights you just learned. Its probably one of the best volume sets you can own no matter what your skill level you are. Everything from overhand...
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    Book for practical card tricks

    Laymen wont know the difference between beginner and advanced tricks only you. The Mishap poker deal is one of the easiest things I perform but with proper presentation is a killer. What type of card stuff you want?? Table, walk around ??? Gambling, visual, story deck effects?? John Bannon...
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    Book for practical card tricks

    As mentioned by Louis Royal Road is a great book to learn from and has good effects. You also may want to look in to Roberto Giobbi's books Card College light. A good choice would be looking in to Harry Lorayne's books. A great card man who believes card work shouldn't be hard in-order to...
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    bottom deal practice

    They Look good from what I can tell... One thing is you want to start practicing sailing your cards including your bottoms. I know this is hard for some if table space can be a problem. I practice on a tv table so sailing cards becomes a pain. Also try hitting different seats with the...
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    What you do with jokers?

    Jokers have many great uses. They are great for sandwich effects as most would use them. I keep them around for 53 card deck routines. John Bannon likes using 53 cards decks and Harry Riser also just to name two. I also keep jokers to practice crimps, mercury folds, torn and restore, mucks...
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    What do you do outside of magic?

    I run and oversee bar security for 3 Bars in the city by night. During the day I'm a armed security guard. I spend a lot of time training at the range to make sure I make my qualifications. Im a huge history buff mostly military history. a pool hall junkie. Cut school a lot and spent in...
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    Second Deal Practice Session

    Nice work but I would try to down play the neck-tie action of the deck. Something I had to correct when I made it into a bad habit Mike
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    Bottom Deal and Multiple Shift

    Not bad but always room for improvement. Judging by the sized of your hand I say that your a younger fellow. Bottom dealing is always a bit harder with smaller hands. The shift was ok. May want to work on the amout of angle when pushing in the cards Best Mike
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    Triumph trick that is visual?

    Best is a subjective term but one that I find very visual is Dani DaOrtiz open triumph. When I first saw it I was floored.
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    Who's gonna be the next big Magician in the USA ?

    I would love to see a female magician become the next big thing. Its long over do. Besides that Justin Beiber in drag preforming the next big flourish. I think thatt will sell big
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    Question for all ye gamblers and swindlers

    There a few fabulous sources out there to learn from off the top of my head: GPS, Poker Protection, Casino Game Protection by Steve Forte Revelation- Dai Vernon The Annotated Erdnase by Darwin Ortiz Seconds, Centers and Bottoms by Ed Marlo- This subject is also published in RCT and was...
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    Center Deal

    You know its funny. I have practice dealing to diffrent seats but never practice alternating dealing with the center. Def going to work on that. Im also trying to get more thumb movement so I can get a purchase on the top card instead of trying to strike it off the top.
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    Center Deal

    Thanks. Yes I still have problems trying to get into the deal which im working on. The hesitation after the first card or any card after a center I usually come across. I have dry hands so I usually have a glass thumb. It just slides off the card. Getting a purchase on the dead thumb deal is...
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