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  1. tally-ho


    Hey guys. Lately I've had an interest in hypnotism. I have done absolutely nothing dealing with hypnosis before now. I was wondering, what are some good resources on starting hypnotism and anything relating to it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. tally-ho

    The Best Advice

    The best advice anyone can ever give will almost always be harsh. These comments are the ones that stick with you. Let me share a little story. Several years ago, I began playing drums. I was about 14 - 15. People always would comment on how good my playing was and how well I could keep time. I...
  3. tally-ho

    The center shift

    It's been a while since I've posted an actual video here, so why not share something I've been working on for quite a while. The center shift is a multiple shift. It can be used to move any number of cards to anywhere in the deck in the action of...
  4. tally-ho

    New Youtube Season! Madness Promo

    Here it is
  5. tally-ho

    Weird... or maybe not.

    I was just playing a game of the Jerry's Nugget solitaire And in the upper corner, there is a counter like the last time. Perhaps Lee has decided to sell them again. Just something I noticed. I thought the people who are obsessed with...
  6. tally-ho

    The Devils Pirouette Tutorial

    here is a preview of the move that Daniel is kindly giving away. you can download it and watch it there for free. enjoy.
  7. tally-ho

    Deceptions Vol. 2 : The Sandwich Effect pretty much sums it up. Thoughts?
  8. tally-ho

    Battles Forum: Keep it?

    As most of you may know, the the system has been on a steady decline towards uselessness. Even though there have been many attempts to improve it and bring it back to what it was supposed to be, none of these have seemed to work. I was wondering how many of you think we should keep it or get...
  9. tally-ho

    Daniel Madison - Deceptions Deceptions - a monthly journal dedicated to the improvement of the art of magic. your thoughts? I am quite interested about this.
  10. tally-ho

    Lance Burton Copy I think this is terrible. It just goes to show the complete lack of originality in magic. Discuss and improve. {041109}
  11. tally-ho

    Rising Card - Ungimmicked just a quick video of an idea that i've been playing around with. I will be taking this down shortly, but would like some critique and comments.
  12. tally-ho

    11,000 members

    Yeah, useless thread. normally I hate these but thought I'd mention that there are almost 11,000 members. pretty cool. I know some people care about this.
  13. tally-ho

    Patience This video is to show how patience can pay off. This is mainly in regard to threads asking for release dates, but can be applied to many aspects of magic and life. Take from it what you will.
  14. tally-ho

    Graphic - Matthew Mello .:Review:.

    Graphic - Matthew Mello Approximate runtime 20 minutes. Instant download. Purchase this effect at The Effect A deck memorization, with no complicated stacks whatsoever. The deck is shuffled and split into 2 separate piles. The performer asks the spectator...
  15. tally-ho

    Mind Power deck review

    Mind power deck - John Kennedy The effect: The magician attempts to read the spectators mind and thought of card. The magician spreads or fans the cards on a table. The spectator concentrates on one card only. The magician is able to accurately guess the name of the card. You can spread to...
  16. tally-ho

    The Creativity Challenge

    I had this idea a while back, and was inspired to make this thread because of a previous thread posted by SamRochon found here. This thread will be the first of hopefully many to come. This is just a preview to see if everyone enjoys this. The purpose of this is to push people's creativity. I...
  17. tally-ho

    Vote: Pass Battle

    please vote and comment on this battle. criticism and comments greatly appreciated. good job to d21400
  18. tally-ho

    Has anyone heard of an effect like this

    please tell me if you have heard of a trick like this before. It's a new trick of mine and i want to see if it is original or not. effect - you shuffle the cards. ask the spectator to name any value of card - Ace to king. nothing funny, no turning over the deck or cutting, all 4 of a kind are on...
  19. tally-ho

    Wrath - d+M teaser

    woot. here ya go what do you think?
  20. tally-ho

    Battle forums, ignored?

    does anyone else feel that the battle forums are being underused as of late? or is it just me. im going to laugh when this gets only 2 replies. look through and you will see none of them have over 10 replies.note im not complaining merely stating this. ps. its not just these, the coin and...
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