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    Master Levitation System

    I can try something out or maybe someone else, but when someone has the Tarantula they can describe the hookup to Kras or Fearson just to clarify anything and this could easily clear everything up. So if they do match then we know Mesika is at fault and karma is a *****.
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    Which has more impromptu tricks?

    Also, this answered my question btw and highly appreciate the responses.
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    Which has more impromptu tricks?

    No, not easy to do, I have no problem practicing difficult material but I meant moves like the Pass or Gravity Half pass, they are very good but I don't use their applications and use other moves instead like a simple color change with some fake shuffle. Also the second reason I don't do a pass...
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    I need your help!

    Ill list the best ones that have worked for me, Smart Ass and Fiber Optics, if your audience can see everything then these are the best two for you especially since smart ass is a comedy routine and fiber optics is taught by richard sanders who uses some goofy humor in performing it...
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    Which has more impromptu tricks?

    Alright this is not a what I should buy thread exactly. I am looking for more impromptu card tricks that hit hard and not quite sure about some products. Not technical moves really but just some tricks to study and try to fit into routines. My skill level is above intermediate but some of the...
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    TiVo 3.1415926

    Why would Sean lie? He has a pretty good rep here at T11 and while he may not care I have read his posts and he is honest and means what he says. If he says it's not a double facer then try to come up with another solution. How many times did Edison try to invent the lightbulb? Same concept...
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    Starting Out In Mentalism

    Im still new in mentalism but I will tell you some of the stuff I have bought and really helped me out. 13 Steps- You're getting so it's all good E.I- Luke Jermay's very simple trick that is very hard hitting Intuition- very sweet trick that is very bad ass Entity- Mjmmagic...
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    We're All Liars

    I always have some sort of lie in my performances, not in the sense that I am telling my story that is false but the way I want them to perceive things. It's cool Luke Jermay said that, big fan of his and his works. When people say they saw something or they believe how it worked I may explain...
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    eXile OR Xfinger?

    Alright I do not own either but I am completely aware of how both work, friends have it. Xfinger is impromptu but way to many people are smart enough to realize how this works, if you are very very skilled at it then you will get most people with it but a good amount will still discover the...
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    Dude when you getting back online to do something?????????????????

    Dude when you getting back online to do something?????????????????
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    Boris Wild's Marked Deck

    Boris Wild's Marked Deck I have wanted this thing for so long ever since I got into mentalism and especially when I got my electric touch. Well after I have experimented with it I finally have a good insight on it. Instructions 10/10 They explain everything very well in the packet they...
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    Nail Polish?

    Kinda seems the thread is going towards personal defenses and attacks which seems silly because by responding you show that you care what that person is saying. It's not directed at anybody specific just making an observation. Womens products include Eye Liner and Nail polish. Like I stated...
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    Nail Polish?

    Like everyone has said before do what you want. I really don't understand that whole nail polish and eye liner thing, for one it is intended for women and women only. I couldn't care less what people say otherwise because it is what it is but if you feel comfortable wearing womens products then...
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    Technique Bonus?

    You get it with the download. Keep going at the end of the download and you will see it. It's a very nice billet tear that I use all the time.
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    Help with... everything

    Well if you want to work professionally I would stay away from the darker magic until you make a name for yourself because bars, restaurants, and the such don't want to see you pull thread out of your neck and then cry blood. I have been doing magic for less than a year and am working semi...
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    You are not an artist!

    Finally read every single page and I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. For steerpike I couldn't care less what he did to anybody or me, this is a forum and if he likes to rant and rave and try to make his opinion mine then go ahead. Of course I highly doubt he would say anything to...
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    Question about cardistry

    I have a variety of different obsessions including cardistry, hypnosis, and mentalism. I do cardistry for myself because it looks so dam cool when you are "twirling" cards and making very organic images with them. Maybe people don't want to see it but then again do people want to see you poop...
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    Original Trick : Konceptual-X

    I wont sugarcoat this since it's a new effect and I want it to get better. Video sucked to be absolutely honest with you. Didn't know what was going on and thought you were producing a seizure inducing video there with so much nonsense. Sounds harsh but don't make it fancy just show the name...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions for 2009

    Well in 08 I did a few things, I learned magic and developed performance skills for my audience. I work at a few restaurants now and love working now, hopefully my future career. I learned a great deal about the people who perform different types of magic and I now specialize in mentalism and...
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    PROPAGANDA: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Prop's are good for a few things and showing them off because of their look is not one. Way to much going on in the picture itself. I prefer something like smoke and mirrors or split spades where the lines go everywhere and create a very neat image. While the props just have ten things going on...
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