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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Saturday Night Contest - DG.LIVE - Symphony Questions

    -What is your favorite effect (other than your own) to perform on the streets? -What was the most influencial thing that has ever occured to you as a magician? -What is your single favorite moment in all your years of performing? -What is more satisfying, getting a great reaction from...
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    Finding a "Gem"?

    I'm glad you brought this up, because I was actually just thinking of this today. I think that each person finding their "gems" is them finding their style, the kind of tricks they are most comfortable performing, and that work best with the way they perform. There are things I purchase, and...
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    Where can I buy... i just bought the book myself from the store lots of good stuff in there
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    hey dan, just a question about lit, which i thought was absolutely awesome and i did buy the...

    hey dan, just a question about lit, which i thought was absolutely awesome and i did buy the dvd. is there any adverse health effects to putting the match in your mouth at the beginning, and is there anywhere else you know to get the stuff for self lighting match pack? pm me if you get the...
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    Off Topic : What are YOU gonna be for Halloween?

    im being the joker from the dark knight and asking people if they want to see a magic trick lol me and zach should go together
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    Camera Work/Editing

    hey guys, its become obvious to me that especially in a situation like here at T11 where you perform for the camera, your camera work and editing can be very important to the overall outcome of the effect. so the question im asking is, how do you guys go about camera work/editing. i know when...
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    whats up joel my man

    whats up joel my man
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    Street Magic - Mind Reading

    i would be down challenge me
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    Mentalist Routine Battle

    mentalist routine live performance
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    Packet Trick Battle

    packet trick battle cannot use a whole deck, trick must be composed of less that half a deck live performance
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    Saturday Night Contest - Dressed to Impress

    wear ur street clothes and carry signs that say "nudists on strike" or JB as the joker and andrei as batman
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    Movie Maker that supports .mov?

    hey guys, im trying to put together a bunch of my videos into a montage video or whatever, and i took them on my digital camera which puts out movie clips in .mov format. i tried putting these into windows movie maker but it wont take them, and they dont seem to wanna convert, so does anyone...
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    Mentalism/Card effect

    anyone down for a mentalism card effect battle? heres the deal: must be a card trick that includes some kind of mentalism (whether its "ill read your mind for your card" or whatever u want) must be done live for an audience appropriate editing allowed music optional
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    Poker Battle

    anyone up for a poker effect battle?
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    Battle tournament to decide next theory11 artist?

    hey guys, i know its far-fetched, and the idea may very well have been thrown around already, but it just kinda hit me. what if we took the battle system, and created a tournament bracket with however many ppl, and the winner of the tournament was made theory 11's next artist. idk how do-able...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Theory11 Olympics : Andrei Edition

    count: 14 haha i kno it sux but i tried to make them all picture perfect instead of get myself disqualified for screwing them up for speed's sake. quality over quantity i guess? dont be too harsh, did it with a strained abdominal. no pain no gain. all out for the T11 SNC baby lol -ryan...
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    Flourish Battle

    alrght then
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    Totally False Beginner Flourishing Battle

    great but im gettin a new name so ill send it to you lata and well set it up then alright
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    Flourish Battle

    i figured but hey you wanna battle anyway
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