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  1. CardGuy90

    David Blaine Poster

    Signed Blaine Poster Found this and thought it would interest some of you...
  2. CardGuy90

    Krystyn Lambert, growing magician

    Let me start this thread by saying that i have always loved Krystyns performances. I got the pleasure of seeing her perform her stuff a few years back when she won Best Teen Magician. Ive seen her stuff and let me just say that watching Masters of Illusion tonight, the performance for best teen...
  3. CardGuy90

    Balloon Swallowing... Best Balloons?

    Hey Guys, I have been working on a balloon swallowing effect, unfortunately each time i try to inflate the balloon, it pops before even inflating. Have any of you encountered this problem? and if so, is there a fix? Am i buying the wrong kind of balloon? Thanks in advance
  4. CardGuy90

    Modern Magic NYC

    Hey guys, for those of you in the New York City or surrounding areas i just wanted to inform you about a new magic show that's opening in New York City. It was created by myself but weekly will have different performers from all over the country. The opening night is February 13th (Thats right...
  5. CardGuy90

    Master of Illusion... nothing new?

    Im watching Masters of Illusion as i type this, watching i believe Kevin James. While i respect any magicians act and i am enjoying the show very much. What upsets me about what i am watching is that Kevin James performing the floating paper into rose effect...which is fine, except that David...
  6. CardGuy90

    Balloon Swallowing

    Ive been curious as to learning a balloon swallowing effect to incorporate into my shows. Does anyone know any books/dvds/props on how to swallow balloons?
  7. CardGuy90

    Preparation for Public Stunts?

    Hey guys i have a question regarding Stunts. I have been performing professionally for some time now mostly in New York City and have built a small but decent fan base, enough to get my steady gigs. I for awhile have been questioning a more grander way of achieving publicity while doing...
  8. CardGuy90

    NYC Magic Night Fridays

    Hey guys, for those of you in the NYC area (Sorry other state magicians). I have been working on creating a magic themed night at this lounge/bar/stage called Time Out Lounge at The New World Stages in times square. The first show is scheduled for Dec. 5th at 8 PM. If any of you are in the NYC...
  9. CardGuy90

    NYC Magic Show

    I hope some of you in the New York City area have heard of this. There is a new magic show in town right in Times Square. It's created and controlled by a few friends of mine and it really is a great show to come watch on Weds night. It is called ManhattanMagic and the website is...
  10. CardGuy90

    Why Not! NYC Meet-Ups?

    Ive seen this on Decknique/So many other forums but never here yet so i figured why not. NYC Meet-Up anyone? Plan out a date. A Place. A Time. and get a bunch of magicians to jam and what not. Maybe even make it a consistent thing. Maybe no ones into it, or maybe a million are into it. Whooo...
  11. CardGuy90

    Magic an art?

    THAT WAS THE SUBJECT AT A TOPIC ON THE ELLUSIONIST FORUMS So today, i decided to make an account on E, i had one years ago but never posts cuz i didnt like them too much and MagicCafe was where its at. So i made one and im browsing through and i see "Magic an art? Lets not trick ourselves into...
  12. CardGuy90

    My view, hate it or love it

    I have a huge problem with the magic community at the moment... And yea yea we've all heard the usual (The industry/Changing the art) stuff everyone says. My issue is not that, my issue is that lately magicians associate themselves with a specific "group," and usually its only the most popular...
  13. CardGuy90

    Bucks on Vimeo?

    There was a video i saw awhile back of the bucks jamming at this lecture in France i think. I WOULD LOVEEE to see it again if anyone knows where it is. Thanks a bunch.
  14. CardGuy90

    Brotherhood vs. Society Of Magicians

    Hey guys, wanted to ask a simple question. Could anyone explain to me without a bias answer the difference between the Society of American Magicians, and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. I know that they work together have have a huge mixed convention every few years but what is the...
  15. CardGuy90

    Performance Stories

    Edited by Sinful: See post below for new topic. I did some major heart surgery to this thread to re-make it at the request of some people's PM's. If I missed something I should had deleted mentioning what the thread was about earlier, please PM me. Things work out when we are nice to each other...
  16. CardGuy90

    Houdini/Blaine Posters?

    Hey, does anybody have nice quality Houdini or Blaine posters on there computer from their stunts. I would just like to copy the images of posters for pics on my computer. I got the Dive of Death image from the theory11 forum but i would like to get the others. If anyone has images of the...
  17. CardGuy90

    Talk Magic

    So i was bored and decided to start up my blogtv cam. So if you wanna talk about magic or anything portioning to it. Anything at all, maybe certain magicians, or whats wrong with magic today, or anything at all. Head over to Im gonna be streaming today for...
  18. CardGuy90

    Man On Wire...

    Man On Wire, Opens Today. On August 7th 1974, a young Frenchman named Philippe Petit stepped out on a wire illegally rigged between New York's twin towers, then the world’s tallest buildings. After nearly an hour dancing on the wire, he was arrested, taken for psychological evaluation, and...
  19. CardGuy90

    Review my video?

    Hey guys, i posted a video online. Nothing flashy at all i just wanted something that went with the music (Pure Imagination). So the video is simple effects with some gaff cards. Im just interested in seeing what everyone thinks and any comments would be great. Thanks alot guys. Below is a...
  20. CardGuy90

    Magic Conventions in New York?

    Hey all, im wondering if anyone knows of any magic conventions or anything of that sort that stops around the New York City area? And help at all would be great. Thanks alot.
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